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The Markup has already drawn significant attention towards it before the commencement of operations. However, the attention had not come on a positive note. The company made the headlines when its co-founder and editor-in-chief Julia Angwin was fired due to disputes between the other co-founders.

It was followed by the departure of the majority of the editorial staff as a sign of protest. The turmoil created in the company led to the voluntary exit of other co-founders as well. 

The Markup has officially announced that Angwin will be returning to take her place as the editor-in-chief. The company will also witness the return of the 6 other staffers who resigned in protest back in their former positions.

Along with them, former BuzzFeed Vice President and Associate General Counsel Nabiha Syed will join as President and Evelyn Larrubia as Managing Director for Investigations.

The tech journalism company that was launched last year plans to throw light on how technology is shaping the modern world, through investigation and data-driven technology.

The company came into the limelight due to the involvement of Angwin, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter from The Wallstreet Journal and ProPublica, and the donation of $20 million from the Craiglist founder Craig Newmark.

When asked for a comment on the bumpy ride the company has been through, Angwin stated, “Honestly, we need to prove we are back and get people comfortable with us. It is safe to come back into the water.” She went on to add, “I can’t think of two more accomplished leaders in their fields than Nabiha and Evelyn to join me in the venture.”

The Markup’s investors commented that it had become necessary to reassess their support owing to the recent controversy. However, they have not made any official decisions yet and continue to back the company.

The non-profit organization has planned to set up a board of members to overlook the company’s growth. The Markup announced that it would start publishing by the end of 2019.


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