A Light Phone Remedy To Free From Smartphone Addiction

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All the smartphone companies bring highly innovative technology to make our life more convenient, and everything in one place. Let's think the same from a different perspective.

Smartphone brands compete hard to get our attention all the time, meaning looting our time. The technology produced a generation of smartphone slaves regardless of its fundamental goal to simplify human life.

Wait, to replace the monopoly, two talented minds found Light, and they started shipping their second phone, The Light Phone II, this week.  

Light is a brainchild of an artist, Joe Hollier Kaiwei Tang and a product designer, Kaiwei Tang. As an artist, Hollier did different jobs regarding art, film making, designing, and so on.

Through diverse experiences, he could develop several art designs. Kaiwei studied in prestigious universities and holds ten years of experience in product designing and development.

The founders of Light met in a Google experimental program in 2014. Then the journey was together to make a backup plan.      

They presented the Light Phone I to the world in May 2015, with a design and technology that helps you make a call, nothing else. In the beginning, people wondered, ‘a phone at $100 but does nothing.

The phone was incredibly thin and of a credit card size and the keyboard as a replica of a calculator. Besides, just a basic LED readout wide enough to show a number.

According to Kai, no company ever tried to develop a smartphone to help people but to make humans slaves. He was not happy with his old developing jobs since it has no benefit for humankind. This inspired him to develop something that is beneficial. 

Joe believed that boredom makes a person more creative, and when he or she has a smartphone with unending scrolls, there is no scope for boredom. The idea of Light Phone sprouted in his mind thinking this deep philosophy.

The co-founders do not claim the Light Phone I as an alternative of a smartphone, but a backup plan. One can use it a day or a few days and experience the warmth of real life. Many customers find it much relaxing and mind-opening in smartphone culture.  

Even though it rescued from smartphones, the users demanded a much more developed Light Phone, as it is not an alternative. So, they planned for a much more developed version. 

Light started a program named Kickstarter in 2015 and got funding to go with Light Phone II. The brand has recently launched the model.

The model comes in between Light Phone I and a smartphone with essential tools such as calling, texting, and navigating the map.

The phone is influenced by the idea of ‘use the phone as little as possible’. The black and white screen will not motivate anyone to look at the screen for a longer time.

The co-founders are not anti-technology but travel with technology. They try to bring what all the smartphone companies claim but never materialized: To have a better life for human beings. 


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