Tesla’s New Automated Emergency Braking For Pedestrians And Cyclists

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As part of the Tesla Model 3’s highest score award by the Euro NCAP, the company introduced Advanced Emergency Braking  (AEB) that capable of spotting pedestrian or cyclist crosses the road and can stop the car from hitting. The system works with the help of Autopilot-based system.

Two years back, Tesla had brought AEB system for all of its vehicles in the market and this new show off considering the pedestrians and cyclists is a  very advanced, even though its not new technology. Volvo had, for the first time, introduced an automated braking system 10 years back.

Tesla showed off its new advancement through Twitter by posting two videos of the experiment of AEB.

The system will secure the life of those who are walking on the road. Aiming the safety, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)  and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), earlier this year had assured that 20 major automakers in the United States agreed to apply the AEB on their automobiles. All are committed to bringing the change by 2020. Tesla is the first one in the list who introduced AEB as an immediate requirement. 

Tesla bagged Highest score award by the Euro NCAP clearly verifies how much importance the company is giving for both children and adults. According to Euro NCAP, Tesla model 3 could bag a 96% score in providing protection for adults. In the case of road safety, the company could beat the giant automakers like Mercedes and Skoda

Tesla has in-house AI processor technology to bring the new advancement that functions as a full self-driving computer. The automaker used Nvidia’s Drive platform previously and now it has developed custom chips. 

“All cars being produced all have the hardware necessary — computer and otherwise — for full self-driving. All you need to do is improve the software,” Musk said as the signal to the new automated system.

 Autopilot is one of the two advanced driver assistance services Tesla offers to its customers. The other one named Full-Self-Driving, and it will help the drivers with the automated navigation system. More advanced technologies are yet to come from Tesla in recent years.


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