Tesla to Charge an Idle Fee on Customers Who Hog the Superchargers


Telsa, in a recent announcement, mentioned that it will be charging a nominal idle fee for the customers who keep their cars parked at Supercharger stations even after they are fully charged. There are around 769 Supercharger stations with close to 4k Superchargers which give the customers an enjoyable drive experience where ever they go, but the Superchargers are being hogged by keeping the fully charged cars idle in the lot thus creating discomforts to other customers.

Supercharger is meant work similar to any gas station where the customer does not stay after filling up the tank, but since customers were misusing the Supercharger stations for Parking, Tesla has come up with a solution of charging the customers.

An idle fee of $0.40 will be charged to customer’s car which stays more time after fully charged. Tesla app reminds the customer on the status of charge and for every additional minute a car remains connected to the Supercharge, the idle fee will be incurred. However, if the car is moved in 5 mins, the charge will be waived.

The Auto-maker, which is into production of electric cars, solar roof tiles assures that this move of charging the customers is only to provide a richer customer experience, and seamless reachability to all their customers.