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Using WordPress websites, any designer can build several options for a directory website. There are innumerable WordPress websites, but not all are alike or with similar features. Every WordPress website builder is different; some are affordable with fewer features, whereas few are expensive with an abundance of features. However, a WordPress directory website tool like Templatic with innumerable Directory themes, allows you to select from a vast list of app themes options in an affordable package. With the Directory theme, anyone can change the appearance of the site. This theme contains tons of extra functionality, including Templatic’s Tevolution plugin, to offer many additional features.

What is Templatic?

In late 2009, R. Bhavesh founded Templatic as a WordPress theme tool. Templatic has been in business since 2008 under the name Premium Themes. Since its official launch in 2009, the 5 member startup has later changed their firm’s name as Templatic, because of the need to create a specific branding for what they offer. Since its inception, Templatic has grown steadily. Presently, it has a vast array of outstanding WordPress themes starting from simple blogging themes to fully e-commerce and business integrated themes, which makes it possible to use WordPress as CMS and also customize it to meet your requirement with ease.

Why Choose Templatic?

Templatic offers insightful, complete, and robust support. If any particular niche is consistent with Templatic themes, then the brand offers tremendous value. All the Templatic themes and plugins are well designed with beautiful detail and also well implemented. The brand also offers video documentation and written guides for customer help. Templatic themes and plugins are well-integrated with Google Maps. It is the best web-based solution that is best suited for advertisers to create business directories, graphical content, upload/import bulk data, and manage ratings/reviews and adding new widgets.

Templatic Review

Templatic Features

Templatic is helpful in creating various forms such as customer portal, advertising management, directory listing management, layout & design, payment processing, and reviews management. It has multiple features, few of the attractions are-

Theme Functionality

It has a vast collection of themes available for every niche alongside this, the brand releases at least 2 new themes every month. All the themes are readily built for advertising and other forms of website monetization. All its themes are professionally designed and explicitly coded to offer you the most needed search engine exposure. 

Theme Graphics

Templatic has eye-catching and funky design graphics that are majorly focused on professional design. It has a classic look that never goes out of the site, whether you are serving to the young generation or the older ones.

Theme License

Templatic has 3 types of license- Single License, Multiple License, and Club membership. Each license offers the use of websites, Single License allows you to use a theme on a single website, Multiple License enables you to use a theme on multiple websites, and Club membership Licence allows you to use all themes on various websites. 


Templatic offers 2 options as a fee- pay per post and pays per subscription. It also provides access to all the Templatic Directory themes and plugins along with the license. Templatic packages are affordable and for getting an additional discount apply Templatic Discounts code while purchasing. 


Templatic’s Directory app theme is very effective, and it is a professional solution for creating a directory website. It is effortless to use, just install it and get started straight away. It allows users to manage and build location-based events listings through front end submissions. It is definitely worth spending some money on the custom post type feature.


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