Telegram’s Move To Swift On iOS Promises A More Battery-Friendly App

One of the largest and most secured Instant Messaging platform Telegram has announced in a report yesterday that it will going to migrate iOS users of its messaging app to a rebuilt-from-scratch Swift version.

It’s been running two versions of its app in parallel on both the operating system that is iOS and Android during the year 2018 which also officially announcing Telegram X in the month of January, when it billed it as an experiment and said the alternative app “may or may not eventually replace the existing official apps”.

In a post on his Telegram channel and the website blog post, founder Pavel Durov says the company will be replacing the iOS app with the Swift rebuild “within the next week or two”.

“As a result, Telegram will become faster, slicker and more efficient,” he writes. “Since it will rely on an entirely new codebase, some minor bugs and glitches might occur, but we’ll make sure they are quickly — or should I say “swiftly” — fixed.” “This change will make Telegram the most popular messaging app written fully in Swift. Some would say it’s a big risk, but I think somebody has to take such risks and be the first to implement new technologies, such as e2e [end-to-end] encryption — or Swift,” adds Durov.

As of now it is still also not clear in a proper way that whether Telegram will also be entirely replacing the Android app with the help of a Telegram X Android version (or not). Nor what the iOS switch will mean for Telegram users running the app on a version of Apple’s mobile OS that doesn’t support Swift apps (iOS 6 or earlier).

In the current description on the iOS for Telegram X the iOS app is billed as “an alternative Telegram client built in Swift, with higher speed, slicker animations, themes and more efficient battery use”.

The Swift rebuild, which has been available on the App Store from the month January, has a 4.0 rating with reviewers lauding its faster speed but also reporting a few bugs and/or complaining about some missing features after that Telegram has not revealed anything as of now.