Telegram Introduces Slow Mode To Organize Group Engagement

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Telegram, the renowned cloud-based instant messaging app, has launched a new feature that will prevent the group from being flooded with messages. The new feature coined as Slow Mode will give me more control to the group admins to regulate the engagement of the group members.

The group admin can determine how often a member can message in the group. He can fix a definite time period up to which each member has to wait before he can send another message.

Co-Founded by Russian brothers by Nikolai Durov and Pavel Durov in the year 2013, the messaging app hosts a long list of features with the majority of them focusing on improving the privacy of users.

It was the first to introduce client-to-client encryption messaging. The secret chats feature has to be initiated by the acceptance of invitation post which encryption keys for the session will be exchanged.

The Durov brothers were also the founders of Russia’s largest social networking site VK which was then acquired by Group in the year 2012.

They were relieved from their leadership positions in the company under disturbing circumstances where Pavel alleged that they were dismissed for not disclosing the personal details of users and employees to federal law enforcement. The Russian brothers left to Germany where they set up Telegram, headquartered in Berlin. 

The company stated that it had more than 200 million monthly active users as of early 2018. The new feature does not come as a strategy to prevent the spread of false information but to make the group more organized and raise the value of each individual message. The startup quoted, “Keep the feature on permanently or toggle as necessary to throttle rush hour traffic.”

Protecting the privacy of its users has been the core value of the company. Registered as a non-profit company, Telegram doesn't monetize its user data like most social networking sites. Lately, the startup has been on a spree in introducing new features that are sure to increase its user base.


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