WordPress Now Supports Google Docs Integration

googleIf you are a blogger that uses WordPress here is some brilliant news coming your way. WordPress is releasing a plugin for Google Docs today to ease your process of editing.

The extension can be used on Chrome and let’s helps writers with their content on Google Docs to be directly transferred to WordPress.com, with its formatting and layout unchanged. However, you cannot publish directly from Google Docs, you are still required to preview it on WordPress to hit publish.

All the websites that are based off WordPress.com will be able to take advantage of the latest extension. Any website which is independently hosted through WordPress and and WordPress’ Jetpack plugin will also be able to use the update.

The extension can save so much time and can be really useful for anyone that uses WordPress and Google Docs for publishing. Google’s support for offline editing and as well as WordPress users who collaborate on what they are writing can do their work much more efficiently.