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Personal tab is the next new thing with Google search results

Google has been working on making life easy, and with this aim, it has come out with another way to help people find what they are looking for by launching their new Google ‘Personal tab’ in Google search results. This newly added tab will let anyone explore content from private sources also like Gmail accounts and Google photo gallery.

This new tab will work just the way the existing Google Map, Google News or Image tab works but the major difference will be that instead of showing you a search for links it will take the search term you have entered to show you results from Google accounts and other resourceful places. This tab will not show up by default but has to be clicked on “more “option and will be on the bottom. The tab is avaialble with the new Chrome also . The report also adds that users will be able to find the personal tab on their web as well as mobile accounts. The personal tab will be available on the more menu and will give you results like Gmail messages or calendar events from users signed in accounts.For those who are interested in checking out their very own Google Search new Personal tab is currently a little hidden from view. To get all the personal results, you will have to click on the More tab and then have to select the Personal tab listed in the drop down menu. It will give results from your logged in Google accounts only. And For image search, a user can immediately open up an image result or click on to get a deeper look at their google photos.

That is going to save a lot of your time if you have been using Google web-based software for quite some time as it will give you results from a good built up database related to your life which you wish to track down.