Microsoft unveils new Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint scanner

Microsoft has released a brand new Modern keyboard to its latest keyboard accessory with an integrated fingerprint scanner to work with Windows 10, MacOS, and the latest versions of Android. This new keyboard has some revamped features including quick logins, cool look, and much more.

Microsoft’s Modern Keyboard is a successor to its Surface Keyboard, which we’re all familiar with and both the devices look pretty much the same. The only difference is that the new keyboard has an integrated fingerprint sensor and a wired connection as well. The wired connection lets the users use the keyboard with a wire rather than opting for being wireless.

Microsoft’s Modern Keyboard comes in full-width with a numerical keypad. It has a slim profile with 19.3mm in height and also an aluminum frame that Microsoft says is “virtually indestructible.” This new keyboard can also be used wirelessly through Bluetooth 4.0 or with a wired connection, includes a rechargeable battery that can weigh about 14.79 ounces and last up to two months on one charge.

The most notable part is that the Modern Keyboard includes a hidden fingerprint sensor located between the Alt and Ctrl keys letting users unlock their Windows 10 devices with a simple finger press. Its fingerprint sensor is fully compatible with Windows Hello, a biometric login feature of Microsoft that uses a webcam and facial recognition to unlock your computer. As soon as you register your fingerprints, you can log in using Windows Hello Fingerprint Authentication without using your password, thus saves your time and spare you problems associated with the occasional memory lapse.

This modern keyboard is also compatible with Windows Hello-supported apps so that you can approve app purchases with a single key press.

Microsoft’s Modern Keyboard will be available soon to buy at a price tag of $129.99. It’s a surprisingly a quick release after Microsoft has launched the Surface Keyboard for $99 recently. The price range of the Modern Keyboard seems to be very high, but this one is the best amongst other desktop keyboards available in the market right now and so making the price reasonable.