Didi Chuxing Sets Up A Research And Development Center In Silicon Valley

didiDidi Chuxing, China’s Uber rival is opening its U.S. based research and development center. The new center is part of a plan to get more talent beyond Didi’s present ones in China, especially in the areas of self-driving teach and AI.

The most recent hire for the R&D center, Charlie Miller, who is a computer scientist and automotive security expert, along with Chris Valasek, hacked a Jeep and helped identify a number of security issues with the vehicle. Miller tweeted saying last week that he was leaving Uber and today he tweeted saying that he is joining Didi Labs.


TechCrunch reported that Dr. Gong will lead the development center in Mountain View and is going to working with a team of leading researchers and scientists.

Didi aims to make a place for itself in Silicon Valley along with a partnership with Udacity around self-driving vehicles. Both the companies announced a joint contest inviting people and teams to develop an Automated Safety and Awareness Processing Stack (ASAPS) to increase driving safety for both manual and self-driving vehicles.