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Google IO 2017: Android Go and other key highlights

Google announced at its I/O annual developers conference held at Mountain View, California with a bunch of some advanced new features and updates for its hardware and software products. These new features will be coming to the users in the next few days. The company also revealed that they are focusing on the new and improved ways for its massive network of computers to identify the images, and also recommend, share, and organize photos. Google is also launching an attempt to make its voice-controlled digital assistant more visual and proactive. The company also talked about at the event their next major operating system Android O and announced a new variant of the mobile OS- Android Go. The company talked about their upcoming features and functionalities for Google Assistant, Google Home, Google Photos, as well as Youtube. Here are the key highlights of the event.

Android Go is designed with features that are relevant for the people who are facing with limited data connectivity and speak multiple languages. Dave Burke, VP of engineering, Android remarked that it comes through three key areas. These areas include The Android OS; to run smoothly on Android devices, Google apps that use less memory, storage space, as well as mobile data and finally the Google Play Store that will not provide only the entire catalog but also focuses on the apps that are specifically designed for entry-level users.

David Burke also talked about the features of Android O which will soon hit the smart phones with some enhancements including the improved battery life and security as well. It will be featured with picture-in-picture mode letting the users work simultaneously on different apps in the background. It will also come with smart text selection feature allowing the users to copy and paste addresses, email IDs, and contact numbers even faster.

Google Assistant will now support more direct actions on Android smart phones. The biggest announcement at this event was about the arrival of Google Assistant on iPhones and iPads. The company also announced a service Google Lens letting the people point their cameras at real world items.
The search giant also introduced in the event the three upcoming features of Google Photos. It will be featured with “Suggested sharing” that allows the users to share and receive photos easily within a few taps. The second feature is their “Machine Learning technology” that not only reminds you to share the photos but also select the right photos automatically and also suggests where to send it. Google Photos will also come with the feature of “Shared Libraries” that will allow the users to send and receive photos automatically with another contact.
Google also announced an app YouTube Go that will let the users quickly check out the video before deciding if you actually want to see it and spend your data on it. It also allows you to save the videos when connected and you can then watch them under no connectivity also.