Verizon Had To Bring Back It’s Unlimited Data Plan Due to Growing Competition

Verizon_Wireless_storeVerizon is bringing back its unlimited data plan starting Monday after five years. This update does not come as a surprise, considering the growing competition in telecommunication business in the U.S, its about time that Verizon took a major leap in luring customers.

Verizon introduced the plan on Sunday, and said that it will be giving unlimited data to customers on smartphones and tablets, even on its 4G LTE network. The news comes very close to Sprint announcing a unlimited data plan of its own.

“We constantly look at… what’s out there. Unlimited is one of the things that some of our competition has at this point in time. That’s not something we feel the need to do,” Matthew Ellis, Verizon’s chief financial officer, told analysts during an earnings call on Jan. 24.

“But as I say, we continually monitor the market and we will see where we head in the future,” he added.

Verizon’s unlimited plan is for $80 per month, talk and text for the first line with paper-free billing and auto pay, and $45 per line for four lines. The company which used to have similar plans in the past, stopped offering it for customers in 2011.