Siri voice assistant will be less dumb and little more human henceforth

Apple just announced at its WWDC 2017 event that Siri voice assistant will not be so dumb anymore and is getting clearer with a Human voice in both female and male intonations alongside with some added skills that will improve its performance. Additionally, Apple is also bringing the new Siri with translation so that the voice assistant can tell you how to say certain English phrases or sentence in different languages. It will be able to translate to a variety of languages including Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.

According to Apple Head of Engineering Craig Federighi, ‘The new voice of Siri will use machine learning to replicate the way that people actually speak.'

In past few years, Siri has been dealing with a lot of competitors like Amazon Alexa voice assistant or Google Assistant who have grown in capabilities. Now with these new changes, Siri will be able to compete with them overcoming all its shortcomings. Apple is confident that it will give a tough competition to these voice assistants but only will be available until later this year. Apple announced in their event that Siri is now used by more than 375 million devices monthly.

Some extra features that will change Apple's voice assistant to a better version will be its capability to handle follow-up questions along with answering more complex questions something that Google assistant has already been doing.

More features that will come with Apple iOS 11 version voice assistant will be its improved support for third-party apps that will let users ask Siri to do tasks like take notes or write a reply to your friend in a chat app. It will respond in a more sensitive manner to all user context, so it is going to be fun now talking to Siri and crack jokes I guess.