Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant preview finally coming to the US

Since the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, one of the most touted features- the Bixby Voice Assistant that you were supposed to be able to control by voice, was missing.

Bixby Voice, Samsung's much-overvalued Siri-like virtual helper that lives inside your phone and can be talked to, now becomes officially available in the US. The Korean manufacturer has announced they are getting ready to launch an early preview of Bixby’s voice command features. The feature was initially supposed to get launch in late May but since its voice functionality was missing due to some issues with the English language version, the rollout of the feature then reportedly got delayed to late June.

Samsung announced that starting this week, the selected number of users of Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus can sign up to be among the first in the U.S. to test it out. Samsung hasn’t yet disclosed how many Bixby testers will gain access to this sneak preview, which will allow you hold down a Bixby button and start speaking to get the phone to send texts, change settings and make calls.

The ultimate goal of Samsung for their Bixby users is that whatever the users can accomplish via touch on the phone they could do all with their voice. Definitely, Samsung thinks of Bixby Voice Assistant as an intelligent user assistant that relies on other senses as well.

The company has already expanded the Bixby smart assistant beyond its Galaxy devices. Last month, it started adding Bixby smart assistant to its line of smart refrigerators, showing up its idea to make the AI an Alexa competitor designed to bind its various product lines into a single cloud-connected ecosystem. Of course, that functionality doesn’t mean a hell of a lot without a voice component.

In defense of the company, if the promises it is making for Bixby are true, there are a lot of moving parts to compete with.  Samsung has already unveiled the plans to make the assistant much more contextually aware of its user’s needs and wants.

Despite, this feature would not be available to all Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus users right now. Only the selected number of users will be allowed to test the preview. The rest of the users will have to wait until the official launch of the Bixby feature.