Google’s Parent Company Alphabet Unveils Self-Driving Car Waymo

imagine_waymoGoogle’s parent company announces their self-driving car Waymo not so long after Apple gave out a major clue that their self-driving car, Titan will be out on roads for testing soon. Waymo has been under works for about eight years now. Waymo is working with a vision of driving without the tired, drunk or driving that contributes to 1.2 million lives lost on roads every year. “Since 2009, our prototypes have spent the equivalent of 300 years of driving time on the road and we’ve led the industry from a place where self-driving cars seem like science fiction to one where city planners all over the world are designing for a self-driven future”, Noted Waymo’s blog post.

What is Waymo?

Waymo is a self-driving technology company with a mission to make it safe and easy for people and things to move around. We’re determined to improve transportation for people around the world, building on self-driving technology developed over eight years in Google’s labs.

Waymo comes out strong with advanced technology and a visionary cause. However, Waymo is bit late in the self-driving car industry. Singapore on the other hand is testing its self-driving cars, nuTonomy with public on the streets of Boston and Singapore.

A spokes person for Waymo clarified that although Waymo is a new company it is as good as an old one, since the company started working on it back in 2009. He says, “Waymo may be a new company, but we’re building on advanced self-driving technology developed over many years at Google. On October 20, 2015, we completed the world’s first fully-self driven car ride. Steve Mahan rode alone in one of our prototype vehicles, cruising through Austin’s suburbs. Steve is legally blind, so our sensors and software were his chauffeur. His route reflected the way millions of people could use a self-driving car in everyday life: riding from a park to a doctor’s office and through typical neighborhoods.”

Waymo plans on testing their self-driving cars with public and test how the vehicles would perform everyday activities such as run errands, commute to work, or get home after a night on the town.”Since the early days of the project, our work has been shaped by feedback we’ve heard from the communities that will most benefit from self-driving cars”, added the blog post.

On Oct 20, 2015, Waymo completed the world’s first fully driven car ride. Steve Mahan travelled alone in one of the company;s prototype vehicles, travelled through Austin’s suburbs. Steve is legally blind, so the sensors and the software were his guide. His route reflected the way millions of people could use self-driving cars in their everyday lives. Really, the future is here!

The company claims that the ride was possible because their vehicles can handle the most difficult driving tasks like detecting and responding to emergency vehicles,mastering multi-lane four-way stops, and anticipating what unpredictable humans will do on the road. ” There’s more work to do, but we can see the road ahead to a world where more people like my mom and Steve will be able to travel more easily and safely, driven by Waymo”, the blog post noted.


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