Google Pixel Buds, Benchmark for Wireless Earphone Industry.


Google has launched the Google Pixel Buds recently, and it has set the standard for wireless earphones industry. The newly launched Pixel Buds is the ultimate travel partner. It offers vocal translations straight into your ear along with your music and all the power Google got in reach at all times. The Pixel Buds are prices at $159 and comes in three colours.

The Pixel Buds work on standard Bluetooth 4.0 and with any device, supporting AAC and A2DP and hands-free calling services. It has two built-in microphones so that we can speak to Google Assistant without requesting Okay Google. The Pixel Buds are linked with wire, and that makes them harder and different from other to lose. They have adjusting loop that fits into the ear, and it makes it more smoothers in the grip. The sound quality is just amazing; it is apparent and smooth to listen to your music even in noisy areas. It has got buttons for play/pause and to adjust the sound. You can forward to rewind with speak actions. Just press and hold to speak to Google Assistant.


The feature to hear perfect sound also makes it easier to try one of the features Google has been highlighting, integration with Google Translate. Google Translator helps you translate word you write, but this buds can listen to your conversation and identify a different language. It will help you translate that conversation in your local or wanted languages.But the catch is this feature only works with Google’s Pixel smartphones.

Senior VP, Hardware at Google, Rick Osterloh said “The playing field for hardware components is levelling off. And I don’t envy those of you who have to write reviews for a bunch of smartphones with very similar specs. Megapixels in the camera, processor speed, modem throughput, battery life, display quality. These core features are table stakes now. To be honest, it’s going to be tougher and tougher for people to develop new, exciting products each year because that’s no longer the timetable for big leaps in hardware alone.”

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