Bill Gates Just Joined China’s Most Popular Free Messaging App, WeChat

BillgatesBill Gates joined WeChat app with an aim to reach out to bigger audience, Gates has been a part of Chinese microblogging service Weibo since 2010. But WeChat is amongst the most popular apps in the world with over 800 million users.

Bill Gates has always took the help of the internet to achieve his philanthropic goals. He finished the Ice Bucket Challenge and has many Reddit AMAs and he even published a book reviews online.

Gates announced that he is on WeChat through a introductory video, he said hello in Mandarin and we know from his Reddit AMAs that he regretted never learning a foreign language, so this hello from gates fascinated the internet audience. 
Gates plans on publishing his English blog in Chinese via WeChat, under the name of “gatesnotes”. It’s his new way of reaching massive online audience, mainly because Facebook and Twitter are both banned in China.