Apple’s Attention To Detail Lead To The Delay In Moving To The New Campus

apple_hkApple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, California is slowly turning out to be the perfect tribute for its late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. A futuristic campus which is built with an impressive attention to every single detail. Starting from the arrangement of the electrical wiring to finishing of the hidden pipe, not a single aspect of the 2.8 million sq.ft. main building has been too small to attract any form of scrutiny.

Reuters reports that the construction of the building was a flawless and a hand-held device is no easy feat, according to the interviewers with about two dozen current former workers on the project. None of them could be named as part of the non-disclosure agreements.

Apple first unveiled its plan for the new campus back in 2011, and the move-in date has slowly receded since. Initially they thought that they would move into the campus in 2015. But this spring looks like is the time, according to the people who are involved in this project.

We also know that a lengthy approval process with the city added to the delay.

Apple did not say anything about the total money it spent in building the new campus, but it could easily be around $5 billion.