Android Founder Andy Rubin reveals new “Essential” Smartphone

Andy Rubin, the founder of Android, has unveiled the first Smartphone by his new company Essential alongside on Amazon Echo-like device and also a new operating system called “Ambient.” The Smartphone has been designed to be a non-compromise device with top-of-the –line specs as well as sophisticated industrial design.

The stunning Essential Phone PH-1is made of a combination of ceramic and titanium for extra durability. Among other features, the Smartphone will include an amazing edge-to-edge screen with an even smaller bezel. The Smartphone is also featured with magnetic connections that will allow for multiple add-ons including cameras, wireless charging docks, and much more.

The design of the Essential Smartphone is really superb. The screen starts at the top of the 5.6-inch device, leaving a small space for the camera and rolling down to the bottom with just a tiny gap.

This new Smartphone also covers all the latest flagship Android features that include Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB storage, and a Bluetooth 5.0 headphone connection (but no headphone jack). Around the back, there is a dual-sensor 13MP camera, the second sensor letting in more light for improved low-light shots. Both the front- and rear-facing cameras can record 4K video. The Smartphone will also include a 360-degree camera that can be clipped on the device to enable a whole different kind of Smartphone-based photography.

And the company Essential is publicizing the fact that this sleek looking Smartphone has no logos anywhere on it. Initially, it is coming available in white and black models, with Stellar Gray and Ocean Depths (green-blue) color. And what's more, Andy Rubin is promising to make all the add-on devices attuned with the future generations of the phone.

Essential has not yet revealed the details on the software side. This new Smartphone by Essential will come with a price tag of $699, making the device a very interesting option.