Amazon unveils the Waterproof Kindle Oasis at $249


(image source: Wired)

The series of e-readers designed and marketed by is getting a big upgrade. Not only it is the thinnest Kindle ever, but it is also waterproof. It is called the Kindle Oasis, and it has been described as “the perfect e-reader for the one percent.” The modification is made approximately a year and a half after the first Oasis marked the company’s recommitment to the line.

The second generation Kindle Oasis screen is 7 inches which Amazon claims can hold 30 percent more text than before. It features additional LED lights for night time reading compared to last year’s Oasis and includes 12 LEDs for uniform lighting. Software additions are made to improve readability. Although there is no expandable memory present, the onboard has been doubled to 8GB, and the reader goes up to 32GB. There has not been much change in the design. The look of the last year’s Oasis has been redefined.


(image source: Good e-reader)

Pricing starts at $249, with the LTE-enabled, 32GB version running an additional $100. If you cannot do without the cellular connectivity, you can snitch that together with 32GB of storage for $350. Kindle covers are not included within that price ($45 for fabric and $60 for the leathers). The Kindle Oasis is really for extremely avid readers because to be fair; it is expensive enough for a casual reader. The lower end of the Kindle line-up is more affordable and sufficient for most.

There is always a first for everything, and so is the Audible audiobook for Kindle Oasis. On connecting it to any Bluetooth audio device, you can quickly switch between the spoken word version of a book and text.