Amazon Patents Airborne Fulfillment Center (AFC) | A Drone Friendly Floating Warehouse

amazonAccording a Reuters report Inc is looking to the sky to store products as the company applies for a patent to use airships to store products and serve as a base for delivery drones.

Although the patent application was submitted about two years ago, the news came back into the spotlight when Zoe Leavitt, analyst at technology and research firm CB insights, spotted it on Wednesday.

The main reason reason behind Amazon filing the patent is because the drones that are launched from the “airborne fulfillment centers” (AFCs) would need much less power in comparison to those that are launched from the ground.

These air centers, AFC’s would hover at about 45,000 feet (13,700 meters) and can be quickly restocked and resupplied by smaller airships. Kind of cool! As one would say.

Amazon did not comment about the AFC’s but we know that it has plans laid out plans for using drones for deliveries in the following year. Amazon has never looked better, with exciting Amazon Go shopping centers opening up across the United States and having the best ever holiday season, we will have to wait and see what Amazon has in box for us and the future.