Manage Your Customer Queries Via TeamSupport

TeamSupport An Introduction

TeamSupport is a complete customer support suite that enables you to collaborate and communicate more effectively, streamline relationships between departments and even manage resources and clients towards a faster and accurate customer support response.

With an array of advanced functionalities, TeamSupport helps your whole business to operate as a single unit, in a particular while addressing customer concerns.

With the help of its cloud hosting plans and scalable features, the help desk software is targeted at B2B software industry for both the large and small enterprises. Some of its top features include the: advanced customer self-service portals, live chat, screen recordings, ticket automation, ticket management and best in class reporting. Its mobile version is compatible with some of the major mobile platforms, such as the Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry phone.

Let us look at some of the features of TeamSupport:

Streamlines collaboration between agents and departments

TeamSupport brings full visibility to all your team members with collaborative tools to help them work together to resolve customer concerns. It even allows the agents to work in a group in ad-hoc discussions in real time about the specific tasks while also keeping the product developers and sales in the loop about the critical customer issues.

Turns data into operable intelligence

TeamSupport will also give you access to a team of experienced help desk professionals, whose technical advance may help you to understand customer data, and remain focused on improving your business. Inside the system, you will also find an embedded video with the detailed training instructions that can teach you how to grab customer attention, or even create a video of your own.

Enables customer self-service

The intelligent submission deflection feature you can use to allow the customers to browse your content, but giving them the chance to find answers to their questions without even waiting for you to assist them. At the same time, there will be the advanced customer service portal active 24/7, where customers can turn to you in case the knowledge base or the collaboration wiki don’t provide them with the desired answers.

Integrates with all necessary systems and applications

TeamSupport development team made sure their product would be usable in any software environment, without even imposing users the hassle of re-programming the rest of their applications. The system can be used in line with the prominent project management and sales systems, business collaborations app, marketing tools, social networks, email service providers and CRM, as for instance MailChimp, JIRA, Dropbox, Salesforce, Facebook and many more.


To Sum Up

Overall, TeamSupport offers the great features to be used for managing customer queries at just once place. The tool helps you with the collaborative, customer-focused help desk software that will also help you to increase customer satisfaction, reduce support costs, and better understand your customers.

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