Teamdeck | A Complete Resource Management Tool For Teams

Resource management nowadays is not an easy task to accomplish each day with precise measurement. The workplace flexibility provides comfort-ability; however, it also introduces management issues. Indeed automatic software tools solve this to some extent, still more people prefer sheets for a designed management of workflows. And this is where Teamdeck came into the picture.

Teamdeck An Introduction

Teamdeck is an integrated, web-based resource scheduling and time tracking tool which provides scheduling and time tracker system for better team management and shows users the spare times of their team so that the users can assign the current project in correct proportion by looking at the transparent calendar.

Let us have a look at some of the features of Teamdeck:

Visibility of the team can be increased

Teamdeck has a calendar grid that allows users to see who among the team members are simply busy working on the projects and who has time to take up the new tasks. For instance, employees can enter the exact availability that enables the company to work with them remotely or part-time. So, they are able to stay on the top of everything. The dashboard even provides with real-time information about people working on the projects. Business owners can easily see whenever under or over-utilization happens and makes the changes accordingly.

Scheduling the work

The resource time tracking and scheduling tool enable the users to assign booking without having any worries. Moreover, it automatically let users know of any project overlaps, employee vacations or those who are also exceeding the timeline deliveries. The UI also allows users to edit booking right in the calendar view. Companies are able to manage resources even with multiple projects at the same time. They can even manage requests from the team members directly from the dashboard. Furthermore, employees can send requests as well for the non-availability or day offs to managers directly from the app itself.

Measuring the billable time

Everyone in the team is going to have access to the time tracking app. The time tracking app is a desktop app that can be easily downloaded from the dashboard. It automatically translates the entries into the timesheets. As this makes it possible to correctly bill clients, measure work performance and compensate contractors. Moreover, the application also has custom fields that administrators can add to some of the categories which are useful for the resources. The information also helps in searching quickly for the particular skills or resources which is based on the location.


To Sum Up

Teamdeck is a web-based, integrated resource scheduling and time tracking tool which provides scheduling and time tracker system for better team management.