Now Do Your Taxes On Your Phone Via Taxfyle

What Is Taxfyle?

Taxfyle offers an easy way of doing taxes regarding cryptocurrencies. Preparing crypto tax information can be complicated which is why an app like the Taxfyle gets the work done accurately and efficiently.the platform matches one tax profile with the suitable pros on the platform. Taxfyle ensures that its users rest easy knowing that their crypto taxes are in the hands of the professionals. Last year, Taxfyle has also secured $4 Million in the funding round.

How Does Taxfyle Work?

The very first step is creating a tax profile by answering some questions. The system then generates a quite free of charge. In just less than sixty seconds, an applicant is matched with a tax pro specializing in that field. All the professionals on the platforms are licensed and qualified to offer the services tailor-made to a user’s need.

In case anyone has a question with respect to the whole process, the assigned pro will answer them thoroughly. The user can even upload their documents and also sign off on the filing of the returns. This process can even be done with the help of a website or a mobile app. The platform has a user-friendly interface and 24/7 customer support services as well.

Let us look at some of the benefits of Taxfyle:

  • Easibility: The platform as of now is pretty straightforward and convenient to use. All one needs to do is to set up a profile and get matched with a pro specializing in that area.
  • Professionals: Users can have a peace of mind knowing that their crypto tax matters are in the hands of the licensed experts.
  • Affordable pricing: Users receive a free quite upfront where no other commitment is required. Once one is ready to file the returns, the professionals are there to guide you through the entire process.

Is Taxfyle Trustworthy and Secure?

At the time of filing returns, users tend to give out very personal information. For this reason, Taxfyle takes the security of the information which is provided a very serious rate. The system has even put in place robust measures to safeguard this information. All data on the platform is protected with the help of SOC2 compliant rules.

Data encryption is done when received and at the time of transit. There is also a sign of authentication with a touch ID feature for the much more enhanced security. The platform caters to all types of users: from the regular filer to those in business.

Users that file their returns regularly can sue the Taxfyle to ensure that they receive their maximum refund. Self-employed contractors can also engage Taxfyle to handle their tax needs to that more time is dedicated to growing the business. There are also some of the great testimonials from the taxpayers who praise Taxfyle for making the filing returns an easy and quick endeavor.