Now Manage Farm Operations With Simple Farm Management Tool, Tania

Farming now has gone a notch high in the modern day to day world. Farmers are mainly considering the farming as a business venture rather than just an activity for even producing food for the much more domestic consumption. Just like any other firm or business, farming also is faced with some of the more challenges such as limited resources. But now thanks to the advanced technology, farmers can increase their yields as well. Software vendors have also come up with the farm management software that helps the farmers monitor farm yields with ease. The part of this software is that it can be used with any of the smartphone or system as well.

Tania An Introduction

Tania is an open and free source farm management software that makes managing your farm simpler by accessing information which you need on the go. It is written in the Go language so that you can deploy it on the cloud server environment, on your system or even on the small embedded Linux device such as the Beaglebone and Raspberry Pi.

Let us look at some of the features of Tania:

Built For Iot

Love your RasberryPi so much? Tanis covered for you. Tania can be installed on your RPi, and you are good to go even without robbing your bank account.


Extendible modules to your Tania system meet your needs. You can even also build your farming sensors that suit to your farms.

Open Source

Tania will always be free and open source software to give you the freedom to manage your farm the way you like it. It is even available on the GitHub.

To Sum Up

Tania farm management software allows users to track form activities as they happen, and make smarter decisions. It is simple and easy to use tool that uses on-farm data to make the farm more profitable and efficient.