Now Increase Your Customer Engagement Via TalkLift Chatbot

Chatbot development is now no more a new concept for the world. Today, almost all the companies belonging to the Service and various other industries, having analyzed the pros and cons of chatbots, are invested in the interactive and highly profitable mechanism. It has opened a whole new realm of customer engagement for business across all domains. And this is where TalkLift came into the picture.

TalkLift An Introduction

TalkLift is a customer engagement solution that is much more centered on utilizing the chatbots to engaged and interact with the customers and potential clients and generate the leads from Facebook.

The tool helps the companies and organizations to provide their website visitors with chatbots that can deliver the intelligent responses to their queries, guide them with the sales funnel, and automatically connect them to a human agent when specific triggers are activated.

Users have total control over the chatbot capabilities and design. The best part is that they can even generate and deploy the smart chatbots to engage visitors and generate leads without even dealing with any of the complicated codes. Chatbots can be tailored into the user brand and industry.

Generate Leads Off Facebook Comments

TalkLift helps you identify potential high-quality leads by going through Facebook comments. The software also automatically qualifies the Facebook users with the best probability to convert the based on the comments which they posted, capture their contact information, and are also instantly added to your contact list for future engagement.

Cost Effective Engagement Through Bulk Messaging

With TalkLift, captured contacts are engaged with the bulk messaging. This approach is highly effective in generating Facebook-based leads and increase business engagement in a highly organic way. Also, this method is proven to be cost-effective in terms of the announcing promos, provide product updates to customers and distributing new information. Bulk messages come up with a call to action button for a chatbot to help interested clients gain much more information as well as to guide them through the sales process.

No Coding Expertise Needed

With the help of TalkLift, you can decide chatbots without much effort as there is no for you to work with any of the codes. The whole process is intuitive, and you can even tailor your chatbots to suit your requirements, and equip them with the latest information pertaining to your brand, products, services and the industry it can easily and quickly deliver intelligent responses to the potential customers, empower them to convert and increase engagement.


To Sum Up

Chatbots are still a relatively new addition to the options brands have for engaging with potential customers and clients — but many companies are already seeing the benefits of incorporating them into their sites.