TalkDesk Secures $10M In Series B Funding

Talkdesk which is the enterprise contact center platform, today launched the Talkdesk innovation fund which I merely designed to drive the future of the consumer experience. As a result of $100 Million in the funding round of Series B, Talkdesk is also dedicating $10 Million for its advanced development of the solution which is designed to change the landscape customer experience.

“Talkdesk is committed to leading through innovation — it is what drives us, it is what moves our industry forward, and innovation is what benefits our customers the most,” said Talkdesk CEO, Tiago Paiva. “The Talkdesk Innovation Fund demonstrates our support of the contact center industry as a whole by fostering the advancements that will reshape the space, modernize it and create future-proof solutions for Talkdesk customers.”

The Talkdesk innovation fund builds on the success of the Talkdesk AutoConnect, which is the first innovation ecosystem which is designed exclusively for the contact centers, featuring one-click installs of the best in class solutions. With more than 50 partners, AppConnect has also modernized the best way to contact the centers to explore and add some of the new capabilities.

The launch of TalkDesk innovation funds displays a commitment to meet the needs of the contact centers and the willingness of the TalkDesk to step forward and power industry innovation. Providing forward-thinking companies, many of them have the early startups, the resource, and product feedback which they merely need through the TalkDesk Innovation Fund which brings much more solutions to the market in a much more faster. Access to new industry innovations, with a shorter development timeline, is a key competitive advantage for the TalkDesk customers to win in the customer experience economy.

About Talkdesk

Talkdesk Enterprise Contact Center Platform empowers companies to make the customer experience a competitive advantage. With enterprise-class performance and consumer-like ease of use, Talkdesk easily adapts to the evolving needs of sales and support teams and their end-customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, productivity and cost savings. Over 1,400 innovative enterprises around the world with thousands of seats, including IBM, Acxiom, and Zumiez rely on Talkdesk.

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