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Every year the advertising industry is flourishing in numerous ways. It's essential to stay updated with the latest trends as so many competitors are evolving in the market. To beat the cutting-edge competition, you need to provide exceptional services to the customers. 

A survey reveals more than half of the digital marketing agencies have seen enormous growth in revenue, profits, and would be even more in the upcoming years. 

Sounds crazy, right! It's never been easy for agencies to improve their business reach. Their success secret lies in delivering top-notch services like making reports on time for clients. 

Manual reporting sucks as it kills your valuable time. Is there any alternative? Many of the software companies use online tools to collaborate data into a single sheet. Likewise, there are numerous applications and which one to choose?  

Currently, Supermetrics Reporting Tool is in a boom, which drags PPC, SEO, web analytics, and social media data into a single platform. Further, it makes use of business intelligence to help fellow marketers in decision-making.

Want to know more? Here, we have discussed the Supermetrics Review after doing hours of research work. Let's get started! 

Power-Packed Supermetrics Features

Here are the power-packed features of Supermetrics software that lets you know how to implement on your business. Check it out!  

Supermetrics Add-On Tool For Google Sheets

Supermetrics For Google Sheets

Supermetrics allows its members to effectively make reports - social media data, Ad campaigns in spreadsheets. Even a fresher can handle and customize the bulk marketing reports of a business niche without any hassle. Take a look at the benefits of incorporating google sheets in Supermetrics software. 

  • Give a break from the routine manual work by automatically updating the reports with the Supermetrics and save a maximum of 30hours per month.  
  • Integrate with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and more.
  • Pay little and get the work done instantly, rather spending hundreds of dollars on other online reporting tools.  

To talk about pricing, you will be charged $69, $149 for the pro, and super-pro plans. Besides, it offers 14-days free trial services to access all the metrics features for your business. 

Supermetrics For Data Studio

Have you ever heard about Google Data Studio? Well, it’s a dashboard and reporting tool that can easily be transformed into engaging reports for the audience. Moreover, it is possible to customize and filter out the content as per the client’s project. 

As of now, they are offering three plans - individual connector ($39), pro ($99), and super-pro ($299). In all the three, you can handle unlimited reports to incorporate in your business. However, it’s purely an individual's opinion to go according to the business requirements. 

Supermetrics For Excel

Import multiple data files into a single excel sheet using Excel feature. The premium plans are available as a pro ($99), super-pro ($199), and enterprise to match with small, medium, and large-scale business firms. Also, you can explore the data from different sources like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, Adsense, and Webmasters into a sheet.   

Supermetrics For BigQuery 

Connect your business data to the BigQuery for comparing Ad campaigns of different platforms. What we noticed is other online reporting tools stores data for a maximum of 3 months, but BigQuery can save even more. To make it work, first enroll in a google cloud platform, connect to data sources, and then build dashboards. If you need a data source with a single account, invest $190/month, and for 5 accounts you need to pay $490/month.

Supermetrics Functions

Want to go with the advanced features? Now you can integrate and share the marketing data into Excel and Sheets. Have a look at the list of collaboration tools which costs around $29.99 for every month. 

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Facebook  Ads
  • Youtube
  • Twitter Public Data
  • Stripe Module
  • Google Search Console

Supermetrics Uploader

Save your time by measuring the advertising ROI (Rate Of Interest) and know whether they are worth paying or not. The best thing is you can set up with few clicks and schedule automatic uploads of CSV files from any advertising network. 

Supermetrics API

Supermetrics software is designed to use on mobile devices, making it completely an API-friendly. To set up the API network, you don’t require programming skills. And to get a quote, you need to provide the details like company name, business email, number of employees, and data sources.  

Supermetrics Pricing Chart

Pro Plan
SuperPro Plan
Google Sheets
$149 /month
Data Studio
$299 /month
$490 /month
$199 /month
$179 /month

Benefits of Supremetrics Software

Do you spend too much time in making work reports? Maybe you haven’t come across Supermetrics web-application. It is one of the finest tools for managers, digital marketers, and SEO analysts who aspire to finish the task and focus on other aspects of an organization. Now, take a look at the benefits of using Supermetrics in real-time.

  • Focus on clients projects using data visualization and interpretation features of Supermetrics software. 
  • The user-friendly design makes it worth investing in the premium tools and the prices are bit affordable too. 

Breed Integrations:- Connect with the world’s popular platforms such as Google Ads, Google Webmasters, Adwords, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many more to transform data into an excel sheet. 

Ready-Made Templates:- Create marketing reports using templates that are built by industry-leading experts to customize, add a brand, and generate for PPC, SEO, social platforms. 

Cross-Platform Reporting:- No more copy/paste work. Get the reports done in a few minutes by enabling the automated and cross-platform reporting feature. 

Bottom Line 

Wrapping up, Supermetrics is consistently offering its services to small, medium, and large-scale business firms. Moreover, it works seamlessly on Google Analytics, Adwords, and social media platforms to make reports straightaway. To be a member of supermetrics software, you may need to pick pro, super-pro plans of any service. Do you have any queries regarding Supermetrics software? Write to us in the comment box.


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