COVID-19 Super Antibody Test Could Provide New Insights In Immunity

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The antibody tests of COVID-19 are subjected to investigation since its outbreak. However, the tests have proven an essential tool in understanding population health. The leading method for identifying COVID-19 cases is molecular tests. A scientist suggests that they should begin a combination of antigen tests, antibody tests, and molecular RNA tests to understand clearly who is suffering from COVID-19 and whether they’re actively recovering or not.

A biotechnology company, Illumina Inc., and Quanterix Corp’s co-founder Dr. David Walt mentioned that he is also a co-director of the Brigham-based MGB Center for COVID Innovation and Boston-based Women’s Hospital. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Dr. David had to close his Harvard University lab. To work on a super antibody test with respect to COVID-19, Dr. David has petitioned to reopen his lab so as he, with his team, start tests to understand the immune response in COVID-19 patients better. The request approved. 

The technology used in the test is the same that was used in 2007 popularly known as SIMOA or single-molecule array; that Dr. David employed in Quanterix cofounding it in order to commercialize it, and presently sits on the company’s board.

COVID-19 Super Antibody Test Could Provide New Insights In Immunity

The SIMOA method test splits out our antibodies and other molecules into microwells, very little reservoirs that make them more easy to measure. To identify antibodies, the technique also uses immunofluorescence, which is a traditional antibody test that reflects how much antibody is present in the sample by how brightly the liquid light up, as the SIMOA method illuminates antibodies in a blood sample like stars in the sky.

Dr. David said that when you examine the assay image, it will appear like a bunch of bright lights in a very dark background. It helps them to count the number of molecules.

Dr. David’s test examines 3 antibody types and their interactions with 4 different coronavirus proteins because this test offers a more precise understanding of the antibody response. This test has the potential to answer many questions about COVID-19 that scientists have been struggling with.

A non-profit institution, La Jolla Institute translational research senior director Ingrid Stuiver said that COVID-19 antibody quantity is very important. She works with the lab to get a clearer idea of how their research can have public or commercial applications. 

Ingrid Stuiver said that a huge number of commercial test developers are searching for new tools to understand the complex way that COVID-19 works. They want to know if a person ascent an immune response and he/she have a neutralizing antibody, how long duration it is going to be around for? If a person has a nanoscopic amount and his/her body is only producing a little bit, is going to shield enough next time you get exposed to COVID-19?


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