Sunsoil Proves CBD Products Are Quite Affordable and Accessible

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CBD, a major compound of cannabis, is no longer unfamiliar as many brands are coming up with CBD products in various types. To make these products reach our doorsteps in eye-catching packaging, a brand processes a lot of arduous steps. It does not start from making the final CBD products, but it starts with farming hemp. A Vermont based brand Sunsoil that dedicatedly considers each step, from farming to reaching the customer, to revolutionize the cannabinoid sector.

 Filling The Void of CBD Accessibility 

The founders, Alejandro Bergad and Jacob Goldstein, grew up in Rockland County, NY. Both were individually endeavoring to build their own startups. Later, Alejandro lived seven years in Vermont and moved to the opposite end, Colorado, the homeland of hemp farming. He could work in the CBD industry and enlightened to the grave reality of the sector; profit is the priority. 

His return to Vermont was to transform the sector from head to toe. He joined his mutual friend Jacob and founded Green Mountain CBD in the fall of 2015. They changed the brand into Sunsoil in February 2019. A second thought on choosing the place for farming other than Vermont.

Sunsoil Proves CBD Products Are Quite Affordable and Accessible

The Farming in Vermont

According to the founders, the climate and soil are perfect for growing seeds. Both of them participate in farming to understand and solve the issues farmers face. To get varieties, they custom breed their own seeds, and it also helps them grow plants efficiently in a particular climate. 

Sunsoil claims that it does not use any pesticides, GMOs, or synthetic toxic to keep the soil and land organic. Once the plant fully grows, they harvest them using hands to ensure a high yield of CBD per acre. The hemp drying barn is made of organic and untreated wood.  

Sunsoil’s extraction method is lipid infusion, and that maintains the quality of the hemp. Above all, the whole process of farming helps a lot of customers to get word frequently and seasonally. 

Two Levels of Lab Testing

Sunsoil aims at bringing the best possible and 100% full-spectrum CBD oils. To that, it has two-level lab tests. After the dried hemp reaches the factory, it tests the quality of the plant and makes sure it is fully natural. The same test occurs three times.

The next level lab testing happens once the product is fully made; before packaging. Here comes the very important third party lab testing. Both levels are ISO certified testing. 

Making CBD Products More Accessible

Sunsoil has three types of products: CBD oil drops, CBD softgels & capsules, and CBD coconut oil. Any product of 600 grams only costs $30. These products are naturally extracted using organic coconut oil, heat, and pressure. 

Manufacturing top-quality CBD is not alone the mission of Sunsoil, but also to make those products more accessible at affordable prices. Even though many people would like to make CBD part of their life, it is pretty expensive when we look at many brands. Sunsoil has redefined the cost of CBD by bringing quality products at a lower price.


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