Security Startup Sunbots Launches UV-C-Based Disinfection Device Sterilite

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India, Ahmedabad-based Sunbots Innovations LLP that develops outdoor security and robotic surveillance systems, has recently launched a UV-based disinfection device in the times of the coronavirus outbreak. It is named Sterilite, a UV-C tower that can be employed to disinfect offices, hospitals, hotels, clinics, and homes.

In 2018, Suket Amin, and Dipak Amin, a son and father duo, has founded Sunbots Innovations LLP. The startup uses sensor technology, artificial intelligence, automation, and mobility to develop outdoor security and robotic surveillance systems. 

Taking over the product, Sunbots Innovations LLP co-founder Suket Amin said that his wife is a dentist, and she visits her clinic and attends her patients even amidst the ongoing pandemic. However, the launch of Sterilite was a concern as she would come in contact with various patients. The UV-C-based Sterilite was firstly developed for her wife to keep her clinic disinfected. However, the small experiment led to the development of a new product line as they were getting queries for the product.

Suket claims that the product, Sterilite, was first launched by Sunbots and was officially launched on 5th July 2020. Sterilite is a mobile and vertical disinfection tower that uses ultraviolet light (UVC) of 254 nm wavelength to disinfect surfaces like medical instruments, tables, doors, chairs, and the entire room. It took 3 weeks to develop and launch the device. 

Security Startup Sunbots Launches UV-C-Based Disinfection Device Sterilite

Sterilite is built with a foldable arm that can easily be bent to 90, 145, and 180 degrees, covering a full area for disinfection. The device is designed with motion detection; it automatically stops on detecting human presence. A mobile app can operate the device, and it needs to place inside the room where we want to disinfect. The users should be out of the room and them on the machine from the app, and off it, no human contact should have to be made with the device while operating, Suket Amin added.

As per the co-founder, Sterilite, if kept its arm at 0 or 180 degrees, can be employed to disinfect focused and specific surfaces like a table or chair within 10 minutes. When kept the arm at 45 degrees, it can disinfect several objects in 15 minutes. If the arm at 90 degrees, the device can disinfect the entire room in 5 to 30 minutes.

Sterilite is being designed to comprise multiple AI-powered cameras, offer 360-degree video surveillance, and ensure continual patrolling in a wide area. 

Suket also mentioned that the Sterilite was initially developed as a B2B product, and the idea was to disinfect the independent clinics, hospitals, and offices. However, Sunbots’ team noticed that various people were also purchasing the device for their homes and offices. 

The firm also takes orders through its WhatsApp number and Facebook page. Each piece is priced at INR 15,000, including GST and shipping charges. To date, the firm has sold 10 units to clinics and homes.  

Speaking on Sunbots’ future plans, Suket said that the firm is presently developing an autonomous ground vehicle surveillance product and aims to launch it by the end of September. Suket also added that the firm is in the process of appointing distributors around India for Sterilite sale.

Their short-term vision is to install nearly 1,000 units of Sterilite by the end of September. In the future, they would like to integrate UV-C technology with their robotic platform for medical applications, Suket added.


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