Startup in Review: Stripe | Billing And Subscriptions For Businesses

The time has gone when we used to send off manual bills and subscriptions fees to customers at the time of providing with any of the product or service. Now everything is changing in this world constantly, and so the payment and billing methods, this where Stripe came into the picture.

There is no question that Stripe is a media darling. With its trailblazing co-founders, hip, its focus is more on empowering the internet businesses with a developer first focus and some of the most flexible solutions for almost any kind of online business, that is not surprising. Stripe services are used by some of the big name online businesses like Blue Apron, Wish, TaskRabbit, Lyft and even Google.

What is a Stripe?

Stripe is a third-party payments processor which is built around just a simple idea: making it easy for the new age companies to do business online. It is not just about processing credit cards, that is boring for most of the people.

Stripe’s basic offerings are deceptively simple, but underneath you’ll find tools you probably didn’t even realize existed.

The following are some of the biggest features of Stripe that make it a highly useful tool for every emerging startup and business today:

Payment processing:

Stripe gives you instant access to processing much just like the PayPal or Square does. It is a third party processing services which means that the company will approve you almost instantly and scrutinize your account more closely as you simply continue to do business. That also lead to more terminations that more of a traditional merchant account, which does its vetting in advance and offers with the much more stability. It processing services are available in more than 25 countries and accepts more than 100 types of currencies.

Developer tools:

This is a part of the Stripe that most of the users really sink their teeth into. These API’s provide with a solid and well-considered framework for the developers to easily and quickly manage the Stripe payment platform with a variety of languages that is Python, PHP, Node, Java, Ruby, Curl, etc. It is a solid foundation on and expands your business, and Stripe updates its documentation and features regularly.


If you want to send one off invoices or want to manage the monthly/billing subscriptions, Stripe Billing encompasses all of these features. Stripe subscription management tools are much more extensive and allow you to bill the customers as frequently as you need and create the plans based on the number of users, usage, flat fees or any other model that works for your business.

Bottom Line:

Overall, the Stripe provides the great feature which can be used as a payment processing system automate the payment process.