Now You Can Track Your Routines & Habits Through App : Steady Habit

Every day our lives are governed by lots of habits. These habits are little routines and small ways of doing all the things. Most people are not aware that they are even doing them. Some habits, like drinking, smoking, can have harmful effects on your health; others like procrastination can affect your work and even the career.

Moreover, it is much more important to take back control. This can be extremely so much hard, some habits, after all, are so ingrained that we do them without thinking. This is where Steady Habit comes into the picture, as it is specially designed to help you to set goals, keep track of all your habits and to even tackle your bad habits for free.

Steady Habit Introduction

Steady Habit is a Habit tracking app which helps you to get the incrementally better every day by converting your big goals into the small tasks.

Before we start, Let me answer you why one should track their habits?

Mostly half of our days are made up of habits, but building with the new ones can be a hard thing to do. The goals which you want to reach take time, moreover if you document your actions, the process suddenly becomes much more satisfying.

Habit trackers record your last action and initiate the next time. They become a visual proof of the entire progress. Benjamin Franklin which is used to carry a notebook around to track the 13 daily habits. Track your habits and watch the results to grow.

And while the habit tracking is much more useful, it can be a burden too. Getting into much better shape, starting a successful business or living much healthier is already hard enough to simply deal with. This is where Steady Habit comes in the picture and makes the tracking experience as effortless and simple as possible.

So What Makes Steady Habit Unique?

  • Focuses on the repetition of the small and actionable tasks.
  • Simple to use, familiar interface.
  • The ability to create a journal or take notes.
  • Prioritize and re-order items by time or importance.
  • Optimized for all the mobile screen sizes.
  • It does not store personal information on a database.
  • Only the features which you need to help you succeed.

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While habits might look like a minor area for a self-tracker, in my opinion, it’s the central piece. Without reliably recording or building your habits, it’s impossible to build up a stream of data about your events of life. By tracking the habits and by making a habit of recording and tracking in much more way, you enter into the pantheon of self-awarenesses with the help of personal data.