Looking For An Influencer Marketing Tool, Now Do All Business Marketing Via Youzz

Influencer marketing is one of the rapidly growing approaches to the content marketing efforts in the contemporary business environment. It is a timely solution to the marketing challenges which is faced by all people in the marketing word, which even includes the most experienced entrepreneurs.

Most of the marketing departments and personnel experience everyday problems in the attempt to brand, speak to the audiences or simply identify the best marketing strategies.

Youzz An Introduction

Youzz is a new influencer management software that allows the marketing and communication professionals to analyze, organize and engage with their influencers or networks so that they can focus on what exactly matters, in improving the relationship with them.

Let us have a look at some of the characteristics of Youzz:

Easy selection

Target the right influencers from all available filter possibilities: social media reach, tags and demographics and many other specific filters. It has a built in two simple tools to communicate with your database, by email or by via Whatsapp. You can also keep track of their actions.

You own the database

Keep ownership of your influencer database, and keep export all the data you need with a simple click on a button.

Categorize, add tags and notes

All the categories and tags to influencers to handle your database. Track manual activities by adding notes. Add any of the personal data and information about the influencer which you already know such as the phone number, shipping address, language and with many other available preferences. You will also be going to have the possibility to search this data and even select the desired target audience for your project.

Add influencers to your database

Start by uploading your database file with all the information. Add any other influencer, all the relevant information which includes their social media channels and its reach size. And don’t worry, we will also make sure that their Twitter and Instagram accounts remain automatically updated without you to have to spend hours doing that manually every week.


Bottom line

Influence marketing platform helps the companies to stay in contact with the social influencers, recruit new influencers, and simply manage the new and existing influencers. The influencer identification process involves looking for brand advocates in the searchable marketplaces, filtering with a wide list of prospective influencers and selecting the appropriate influencer depending on the company preferences. Thank you for reading, now share your views in the comment below!