Workruit – The Next Gen App for The Recruitment Game

Workruit is a new-age, mobile application that makes recruitment simpler, efficient and hassle-free – both for companies as well as applicants. Here are excerpts from an interview with Manikanth Challa, Founder, and CEO, Workruit, about the idea, the technology and the future plans of Workruit.

What is the essence of Workruit’s product?

Today, we see the application of technology in every sphere of life. We can say that technology is changing the way we approach food, shopping, travel, education, communication and what not. However, when it comes to the industry of recruitment, we haven’t seen a major upgrade for a long time now. Companies have been dealing with lengthy databases that they have to manually sort through, and applicants have been applying and facing disappointment as they do not get even a call back from the companies.

With Workruit, we are eliminating the need to sort through databases. We employ technology to simplify the recruitment process so that only the most relevant, useful information (profiles and jobs) are shared. We de-clutter the highly disorganized system, and introduce something easily accessible on the mobile, and efficient – in the sense that only relevant information is shared, and nothing else.

How does Workruit work?

Basically, Workruit gives a mobile platform. On one hand, there are applicants who can download the app, and create a profile with all relevant professional information. All this information is curated objectively, and not left to interpretation – for example, individuals can only choose from a list of skills (we’ve got thousands of categories), and not enter random information. On the other hand, companies are requested to provide detailed requirements basis their job-descriptions. Our algorithm compares the preferences of both and shows them recommendations.

They can swipe right if they like a recommendation. And left, if they don’t. When there is mutual interest between the candidate and the company, we call it a “match” and put them both in touch with each other.

How did you arrive at this idea for Workruit?

Primarily, we noticed that a major point of frustration for a lot of HR managers is the fact that they spend a lot of time going through lengthy databases and identifying a short-list of candidates. Typically, they either write them an email or call them to discuss prospects with their company. A lot of these calls go to wrong people – they’re not interested, not looking for a job at the point, not in the same location anymore etc… At the same time, individuals seriously looking for a job, tend to post their profile, apply for jobs and then wait forever – before they even get a phone call.

We thought the problem was not that there weren’t jobs or good candidates. But it was that there wasn’t a common platform for them to share information meaningfully – without hassle. That’s where we started working on the Workruit design.

What do you think sets you apart from other, more established players?

We are not here to compete with other job search portals. We genuinely see a problem with the existing system and are proposing a solution. And then, out solution is to change the mindset, to change the approach we take to recruitment. We want companies to realize that getting a thousand profiles per day is meaningless if that information is all unorganized and not relevant to you. We do not promise large databases, we ensure that the five or ten profiles you see every day – are 100% suitable to your need. We help you save time and effort.

At the same time, for candidates – they can escape the disappointment of not hearing back from a company when he wouldn’t even know if the company was actually interested in them.

Why would a company choose a new platform, over strongly established players – we’ve got lots of them?

They should choose Workruit for the sole reason that it is the future of hiring. It is simple, straight-forward and logically-driven. There is no scope for misinformation or misleading information. At the same time, we do not burden them with unnecessary databases and excel-sheets full of candidate information that they make cold calls to. We believe that it is time for the recruitment industry to change, and we are one step in the direction of that change.

What are your plans for the near future?

We are in conversation with several organizations that are invested in the idea that technology can change careers and lives. As of now, we have launched in Hyderabad, and would soon launch in Bengaluru and Mumbai as well. Slowly, we want to introduce the concept to all major cities and towns in the country, so regardless of where a candidate is located, he would have access to jobs across the country.

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