SurgeonIDEAS – Aims to Help Bring Your Bright Ideas to Market!


SurgeonIDEAS, LLC is a small, dedicated start-up company that aims to help take healthcare professional’s bright ideas to market or practice. We accomplish this goal by providing support, service, and consulting in three areas that drive improvements in the medical field:

(1) medical device rapid-prototyping, 3D printing, and intellectual property

(2) medical education website, app, and video development/production

(3) performance engineering with focus on surgical procedure’s efficiency and safety optimization. We are unique in that we can provide healthcare professionals a comprehensive model of invention and innovation that covers engineering, business, legal, and medical perspectives under one resource.

The owner and founder of SurgeonIDEAS, Dr. Ryan G Nazar, realized that there was an underlying unmet need for physicians to invent and innovate with appropriate guidance without the burden of stress. This was in part due to lack of training in knowledge outside of the medical field as well as the lack of known resources, intellectual property and patent procedure, time commitment requirements, and poor business acumen that many physicians are guilty of because they have focused so much on their specialty. Thus, SurgeonIDEAS was born to help translate healthcare professionals’ ideas into a reality.

The inspiration moment came after seeing a patient who suffered a severe spinal cord injury in a motor vehicle accident. The mechanism of injury was due to hyperextension of the head with an already narrowed spinal canal (space available for the spinal cord) resulting in spinal cord compression due to the combination of pre-existing stenosis and extreme movement of the accident. The patient was placed in a neck brace due to ligamentous injury; however, continued to worsen loosing function in their hands after the accident. Repeat imaging show no concerns however the patient stated that their symptoms were better when a pillow was placed under their head.

Dr. Nazar proceeded to place a second pillow and the patient’s symptoms improved.  The neck brace was holding the patient in extension when the optimal position for healing was slight flexion. Thus, a fundamental concept was discovered: that neck braces do not always place patients in the optimal or correct alignment and can be counterproductive to recovery. Dr. Nazar worked closely with engineers, investors, and lawyers to develop the now patent-pending Align Cervical Collar. The Align Cervical Collar is the first orthotic to utilize a patient’s CT and/or MRI scan to create a 3-D printed, custom 3-piece design specific to that patient’s anthropometry with unique fixation points that results in maintained immobilization in optimal alignment. The collar is able to fit any neck shape and offers improved fit, comfort, and potentially less need for surgery than current standardized neck braces.


Through this process, a team was created representing all facets of the process of invention and innovation in the medical field. SurgeonIDEAS was born to offer the ability to cover all bases for inventors rather than only one specific part. We combine evidence based medical literature reviews to establish a need and feasibility for ideas, perform market analysis and investor recruitment, assist with engineering and 3D printing to create prototypes, provide guidance from legal perspective in terms of patents and intellectual property, and implement marketing and branding with graphic designers and website designers.

With each client, custom plans are established via our unique process:

1) Medical screening of idea related to device, technology, or app

2) Initial feasibility review

3) Intellectual property position

4) Budget and funding analysis

5) Engineering and Prototyping

6) Process improvement and service line development

7) Commercialization assessment

Thus custom plans are created to optimize the process and distribute the burden of creation to the resources that are best suited.

Since our founding in July of 2016 we have grown in size to 3 full time employees and strong relationships with business, engineer, and legal services if needed depending on the progress the client’s idea. We found our initial funding from a few medical professionals as investors who had ideas that were stagnant and now are alive and thriving.

SurgeonIDEAS runs the online website Brain & Spine School ( which is an exciting, innovative project that aims to create the ultimate online neuroscience resource that is created and edited by physicians for healthcare professionals. An associated YouTube channel releases surgical videos to assist in learning the nuances of different procedures. Over 5,000 medical professionals have become subscribers since the website launched in October! We have also release an app called RVSL, an acronym for Reversal which provides a guide for emergent reverse of drugs that cause life threatening bleeding. This early projects now generate revenue to enable the company to grow organically.

By having on staff a programmer and developer as well as graphic artist, once an idea is chosen to be pursed, we begin from day 1 after intellectual property protection marketing and branding the concept to increase the outreach as fast as possible. This fast, early growth results in the momentum that helps the project develop legs in the market. Our team is experience in search engine optimization, app store optimization, and social media outreach that are key outlets for the development of a product.


SurgeonIDEAS is currently involved in developing many medical professionals dreams through the above-mentioned processes; however, we have also been honest with many of our clients when an idea is not feasible. We offer our clients free consulting for discussing the strength of their idea, a plan of execution, capital estimation, team building, and timing/need of the idea. Our growth has been due to our honest, comprehensive, and balanced business and legal approach to people’s idea development. Dr. Nazar states, “The field needs to have a strong need for your idea and be ready for it, but you have to have come along before anybody else has.” Thus, typically a timeline including the beginning, evolution, and development of the idea is created to fully understand it. “Honestly, seldom any more are ideas new; however, the timing of an idea always is!”

SurgeonIDEAS also participates in medical research with their work and conducts non-profit investigations and publications to improve the medical field.