Sumondo – Stress Management App That Helps You Everyday

Introducing Sumondo

After five years of development work, the entrepreneur Vishal Sisodia has succeeded in securing a private investor for the Danish stress app Sumondo. The app is now being tested in connection with the training of nurses. Sumondo is thus entering a crucial phase in which the app will gain a foothold as one of the serious bids in digital prevention and monitoring of stress. The solution is especially aimed at people suffering from stress, depression and sleep disorders. It measures the stress level via a sensor in wearable and guides the users through a treatment consisting of mindfulness, breathing exercises and music.

Reason to Subscribe Sumondo & Features

The goal of the app is first and foremost to learn how to handle its stress in everyday life so that it does not grow out of control. Most people can themselves prevent the problems if they get the right techniques to do so, ”says Vishal Sisodia, CEO, and founder of Sumondo. According to Sumondo, the app can also be used to measure stress in workplaces. Employees can measure their work activities and thus identify stressors. The app collects data from users, analyzes them and displays them in an anonymous form on a common dashboard.

Own Sensor

Currently, the company is developing its sensor to offer a solution that is more accurate than that achieved through existing smartwatches and activity tapes, says Vishal Sisodia. With the new sensor, Sumondo hopes to pave the way for the research environment and gain the status of the preferred app for scientific projects and trials with tech within stress treatment. In particular, Sumondo wants to market itself to the fact that the sensor not only measures heart rate and pulse but also the heart rate variation. The heart rate variation is based on the electrical conductivity of the heart muscle and measures the distance between the individual strokes. The measurement is an important parameter when it comes to stress mapping because it indicates whether there is a risk of serious heart disease due to mental stress.

The Effective Tests

In the spring of 2019, 400 nursing students will test Sumondo in connection with a research project on simulation-based teaching. While students learn to deal with emergency nursing for critically ill patients, the app and the associated sensor measure how their body responds to stress. We know that acute situations activate stress in nurses, but we do not know what is stressing and what consequences it has for how the healthcare professional performs,” says associate professor and simulation project manager, Hanne Selberg from the University of Copenhagen.

The simulation-based training should prepare students to perform competent nursing. The result must help increase patient safety. The students are divided into two groups. One group participates in simulation-based teaching immediately after theoretical teaching. The second group participates after theoretical instruction in a special course, where the skills they need to train in the emergency scenario train.

Local Co-Operation

  • Both groups are stress tested during the training session via the Sumondo solution, which is chosen for several reasons, says Hanne Selberg.
  • Sumondo is located in an innovation house, which is geographically close to the Copenhagen University of Applied Sciences, and this makes the collaboration to handle and transfer data easier.
  • Finally, Hanne Selberg Sumondo highlights the measurement of heartbeat variation as relevant in connection with the research-based data collection in the project.
  • The trial starts in March and is expected to be completed by the summer of 2019.

User Owns Data

According to the company, all data is anonymized, and the solution is based on the fact that it is the user who owns data that is collected. The Sumondo app is CE marked (class 1) and approved as a medical device.

Download Sumondo Pro

The Sumondo app can be downloaded to the iPhone in the App store and is currently being developed for Android. The subscription price is $15 a month for the first year and a half price for the following years. The Pro edition, which is aimed at businesses and institutions, can be combined with a dashboard with the measurement results.