Sumondo – Making lives stress free and more productive

The brief

Indian Vishal Sisodia has found his way into Denmark's health technology!

He grew up in India at the bank of the Holy River, the Ganges and at the bottom of Himalaya. In his region, Uttarakhand,  meditation and yoga are part of the daily life. For the anecdote,in  Beatles settled in an ashram in 1968 to cultivate transcendental meditation with the yogi Maharishi Mahesh.

Sumondo Pro is a new application within health technology for measuring stress using science Heart Rate Variability (HRV). By using few minutes a day to do guided meditation, listen to calming nature sounds or do breathing exercises, one can prevent stress in your daily life and stay healthy.

The story behind the Idea

Every startup has its own journey! In Sumondo's case, everything started when Vishal was admitted in the hospital due to chest pain in 2009. His doctor did not find a medical explanation for his symptoms and told him his health situation is normal. Vishal knew something is wrong and slowly started suspecting that the cause for his pain might be due to accumulated stress from daily life.

As he saw his relatives suffer due to stress and depression, and due to his experience of getting no clear answer from his doctor related to his health issue, Vishal started to look into a solution. His idea was to prevent depression and cure it faster than current methods. He considered that once a person is depressed, the costs for treatment can be rather high and not manageable for some persons.What if stress can be detected at an early stage and by stopping it you can prevent its side effects as well?

At that time (2012), municipalities also asked solution for their stressed citizens, so Vishal had even more reasons to investigate in depth this problem.

Statistics show that “in 2020, stress would be the main source of disease”! according to World Health Organisation (WHO).

All those facts inspired and motivated him to develop a new solution, as there is no efficient existing solution yet. All the research and work resulted into building Sumondo company, which started in 2015 ! The first office was located in Copenhagen business school startup incubator, which was a perfect place to share ideas with other entrepreneurs and work along with business students. Now Sumondo is in Copenhagen Bio Science Park : a perfect place to develop our solution with many resources.

So now you are thinking what exactly is the solution? The technology is a digital solution that measure stress using a smart phone (with the app SumondoPro) and a sensor. In fact, you can use all existing sensors that measure the heart rate, and the product would be integrated to health kit of iOS (Apple platform).


How does it work?


It is based on heart rate variability, where the data from the sensor is analyzed into algorithms and put into the software. As this only shows your stress level and does actually solve it, the App proposes an adapted solution using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This offers in-built meditation, breathing and music exercises in the App. The idea behind it, is that people are encouraged to follow these exercises after measuring their stress, because it shows proven results in improving health and productivity.

By measuring your stress, you can see when during the day you have more stress and then deal with it.  The first app, Stress Graph, got tested at clinics with psychologists, who have treated 7000 patients.Stress Graph, got approved by a CE mark!

The funding story

To develop, Sumondo received help with European Union funds (8000€) and Innovation Fund, Denmark (67000€).

Five team members joined Vishal at Sumondo. The team is actually composed of scientist, web developer, designer and marketing person. Also, different advisers joined, with the purpose to help the company grow.

Expansion plans

First generation product, Stress Graph was given into the hands of psychologists and psychiatrists. After the feedback and testing, Sumondo made 2ND generation product: Sumondo Pro. Sumondo began to do Business to Business with clinics, universities, hospital and institutions. And this lead towards working with 3 major hospitals in Denmark, 5 clinics and some of the biggest healthcare company in Denmark.

Taking part in big events that involved start-up communities in the health field were perfect opportunities to build out network and create potential partnership. Thanks to these events we started going in the European market!

The future plans

The strategy is not to develop a consumer app, but rather focus on Business to Business (B2B). Therefore the first step is to get in contact with companies, municipalities hospitals directly, make a deal and sell our product to them. After that they can distribute the solution to the end users.

How does the future look like? We want to create deals with as many Companies across US and rest of Europe as our product is ready for going for white label product for companies.

In spring 2017, Sumondo launched the product on their website, to make it available for B2B clients!It is a Fast Growing Company and a perfect place to develop yourself and learn more about health care and modern digital technology.


Quote from founder of Sumondo –

“Working for almost 18 years as software developer and now running a startup is life changing experience, where being productive is the need of the company. Now the app itself is guiding for being productive and not getting stressed.”