Spotify Launches its Brand New Mobile App Spotify for Artists


(image source: Tech Crunch)

Spotify launches another app called “Spotify for Artists”. The second Spotify app is here, and it’s artist-friendly. This app is to help artists, their manager, and the members of their cortège handle the presence of the artists on the music-streaming service.

This app is launched today on iOS (only) but will shortly be introduced on Android as well.
In 2015, Fan Insights Initiative was introduced by the same company which was later rebranded as Spotify for artists which launched in April, this year. This app in iOS functions in three major ways.

This app in iOS functions in three major ways:

Firstly, the artists can update their Spotify profiles from anywhere. You can even change your bio information. Secondly, they keep a tab on real-time streaming stats for the first week of the album’s release. Third and last, app notes down specific demographics about one’s listeners, like age, gender, location and other artists they’re listening to.

These stats about one’s listener later helps the artists while promoting their music outside this app. The key features of the Spotify app have to do with procuring mobile access to streaming data. Lenon answered “No” on asking whether they have planned on charging for these features in new future.

Lennon said that artists are always looking to understand whether the next record they have put out would bring them to a new level of fandom or would the new sound, change the audience makeup. “Has the gender makeup of my audience changed? Has their age changed? Or even, maybe the countries or cities? This is something artists have told us is really critical for them.”

Spotify further informed, “Our email open rate is 40 percent, and clickthrough rate is 17 percent even though one has to be verified by Spotify in order to use the application.”

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