SendPulse: Enabling Users to Communicate on All Devices Smartly

The size of email marketing market is estimated to be $7 billion with 15% annual growth. Biggies like Amazon SES, Mailchimp, Salesforce and several other players are taking up their space in this ever-growing market. Some of these are growing while others see a quick demise. Only time can tell if such players will survive the test of the ever fickle needs and wants of customers. One such entrant in the market is SendPulse.

SendPulse is an integrated messaging platform that enables users to communicate with all devices by email, SMS, web push, SMTP and more. This email-marketing platform combines a user-friendly interface, lots of opportunities for mailings, and competitive prices.

Building SendPulse

Some of the larger email-marketing service providers were deficient in agility and functionality. They were also very expensive for many companies. SendPulse founders decided to create an inexpensive and high-quality service for small, medium and large businesses with a lot of added features, and simpler interface. It entered the market in 2015, thanks to the efforts and commitment of its founders.

The first versions were developed with basic capabilities for sending emails and SMS. Included was a template editor, personalization, segmentation, scheduler, detailed statistics of each campaign, and integration with Google Analytics. In addition, customers could create their own unique subscription forms to attract subscribers to the newsletter.

sendpulse email marketing

In 2016, a lot of improvements and capabilities were added to the service. SendPulse introduced Web push notifications and started offering it as a free service to users. Over 100 ready-made adaptive templates were added to the service, along with a brand new drag-and-drop editor, and clever personalization of messages. New automation capabilities like the auto responders were also added to the service with many other improvements.

“We are a high-tech startup with a large staff of developers. The main task for us is creating a unique product with a high degree of integration of various communication channels with subscribers to maximize the response. We also confess to having a simple and convenient user interface!” – Konstantin Makarov, Founder

The Roadblocks

Like all startup companies, SendPulse faced distrust among medium and large companies. Such companies were wary of new players in the market and were more likely to rely on existing and popular email marketing platforms. In order to dispel all business owners' doubts, SendPulse offers test trials absolutely free. Anyone can try to create and send emails using company’s service without a credit card, and then decide if it is suitable for his or her business.

SendPulse is setting itself apart from competitors by providing free push notifications, and free trials for all the other services, gaining market share and user trust.

Clients of SendPulse are owners of small and medium size businesses. They are leveraging the product for below objectives:

  • Involving the customers in their website
  • Notify subscribers about new products, promotions, sales, discounts etc.
  • Share useful content
  • Establish a trusting relationship with their customers
  • Commit to upselling or cross-selling

Current Traction and Future Plan

SendPulse current monthly revenues are $70K and growing significantly. SendPulse is bootstrapped by this time and plans to raise the investments in 2017 for future expansion and overall growth.

In the future, SendPulse will provide more integration with other services and will particularly work on a deeper integration of communications channels within SendPulse.