Make Video Instantly And Gradually With Rocketium

Nowadays, when it comes to social media, it is a huge source of lead generation for both the businesses and brands. But due to the recent change in the algorithm of Instagram and Facebook, posts by the business page have just limited visibility. Videos have proven to be much more consistently to attract more clicks, comments and be much more engaging than other things. But video creation for the social media is still considered taboo due to the lack of topics, huge investment in time and resources and a high rate of turnover.

With the Rocketium built in the article to video converter, marketers need to paste their article link, select a theme and their video is generated in a much more instantly, by saving effort, time and giving a non-designer a change to make videos.

Rocketium An Introduction

Rocketium is easy to use and intuitive video creation platform that refines and reduces workflows. It has simple tools that even enhance the videos of individuals and with advanced and complex features that uplift the videos of businesses. With the help of Rocketium, you can edit videos as if you are simply writing an article.

With it, you can even build a video together with your colleagues. This is because the platform has a Trello like the arrangement of task boards so that you can seamlessly manage different projects and assignments. As a result of which, you can keep track of who is working on which and how far into the project are they working. This way, you know when you need to stop in or to even re-assign a task.

Moreover, Rocketium also has an API for the automation and integration. Because of these, you can even add the solution capabilities to your website and apps for engaging your user set of the base.

Let us look at some of the features of Rocketium:

Advanced Image Editing

Even if you are an individual with the little video editing experience, you can still feel like a pro with the help of Rocketium. The platform has a wide range of advanced image editing tools that allow you to create a media that you have ever envisioned. Despite being much more innovative, they are still user-friendly so that you can experiment and edit as much as you really want.

Rapid Media Upload

At any point of time the content you need is from a local library or the web, then incorporating them into your videos is much more comfortable. Rocketium has a drag and drops function that let you bring your chosen media to the platform simply. The process does not take lots of time so that you can focus more on arranging your video elements.

Video Translation

Reaching a global audience can be so much challenging because of the language barriers. But with the Rocketium, you can easily surpass those. The platform also has a feature that lets you translate the content of your video into more than 100 languages with just one click. Just for this, the audiences from different parts of the world can enjoy your video in a much better way.


To Sum Up

Overall, Rocketium offers the great features to be included in your social media visualization toolkit. It is highly recommended for those, who want to make their presence on social media with info-graphics.

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