The Professional Press Kit for Your Company

prkit.co_professional_press_kit_for_your_company has been described as the easiest way to pitch your start-up to journalist and get media coverage. There have been a lot of reviews regarding this start-up. Some have illustrated it as clean and easy to use while others have found the similarity of with that of

It offers easy adding of content (videos, logos, and images), contact information and relevant information for journalists. In short, takes all the information and creates a hosted press kit for an individual, where journalists can find everything they to write

The individuals interested have been somewhat confused about the pricing of the product and felt that the IMHO and demo need work. Other feedbacks stated about how the startup looks very neat and helpful.


Matthieu Couet explained “ is a project created by Upperlife Lab. The basic idea was to create well-designed presskit for Upperlife’s clients, and then we thought to make it available for everyone.” He further asked people for their feedback since they are at the beta stage.

The people have also requested for the development of more languages in the Although PressKitHero is giving this start-up a hard competition, people are very eager to try this out. From the reviews, it looks like the price is not very flexible and users have demanded a free version for those who would not want to pay. Folks are allured, mainly by the design of the website, and sometimes the link to the press demo kit is not working.

One of the founders of Upperlife answered, “Our idea is to let all users create their Presskit for free, and then after 30 days they will not be able to edit it unless they subscribe.” when asked whether the users will be able to edit without upgrading after 30 days.