Nify App To Help Make Easier Project Management

Nifty: Project Management made simple

Nifty is a project management app that helps you deal with your entire project in a laid-back, fun and competent way. With Discussions, Tasks, Docs, Roadmaps, and Files all in one place the app lets you concentrate on building products instead of juggling tools. They have already made their name among the number of users. When it comes to actually selecting a PM system, one might get a little bewildered, since every single tool is extremely efficient and helpful in managing a particular project. The team has spent the last two years working on a solution to shift ‘all-over-the-place’ into ‘all-in-one-place.'



The app has the discussion rather than having posts and chats options. All the options related to one project are combined into a discussion so that project is managed easily. You Create multiple discussions to keep all relevant conversations together.



Tasks allow the user to divide a large project into small tasks to make them actionable subtasks which then are assigned to the team members so that no one has to take care of who is working on which topic. Organise your tasks from “Upcoming” to “In Progress” and then to “Completed” to keep track of progress.



Nifty’s clean and collaborative doc tool keeps business requirements, project notes, and creative copy in an organized place. Docs can be written, commented on, and rewritten in a truly collaborative fashion with project stakeholders to map out ideas in a beautiful, conversational workspace.



The roadmap provides a visual overview of project milestones and deadlines to keep everything on track. You can set transparent, date-defined goals for your project to keep all users focused on achieving project milestones. You can check on Daily, weekly, and monthly basis your roadmap, ensure milestone tracking.



It has conversational file sharing. Upload files to tasks or drop them into discussions to securely store, share, and manage all your files. It supports all kinds of file sharing and uploading. Upload, share and discuss to get work done faster and more organized.


The Nifty App functions in the following ways:

  1. It creates project docs and requirements in one tool.
  2. Deliver the article or documents in a second tool.
  3. It gathers project advantages in a third tool.
  4. Discuss project deliverables with a client in the 4th tool.
  5. Discuss the project internally in a 5th tool
  6. Track progress in a 6th tool.

Changes Formulated:

In order to lose less time, the tools are now consolidated into one network. With Roadmaps and Milestones, the app does not have to deduce the stage at which the project is. It can quickly figure out with the help of the tools as mentioned above.The Nifty team and the clients are all in one place. Instead of subscribing for four-five tools, the app “pays a single price.” To fasten the project managing method, more spontaneous and significant “Nifty Orbit-Our AI- will assign tasks based on discussions, update milestone based on the tasks, find anything based on context and more.”

Simplify your project management with Nifty



    • Vijay Vijay