Launch your start-up while growing yourself and your network: THNK School of Creative Leadership

IMG_3660 (2) copyOne of the keys to a successful start-up is great leadership, but so often entrepreneurs can be bogged down by the grind of day-to-day business that they miss out on opportunities to reflect, listen, and connect with what makes them passionate about their work.

What if you could pair the launch of your start-up with deliberate leadership learning? How would you and your business be different if you took the time to develop your own leadership style? What would it mean for you to belong to a community of leaders across diverse sectors who have your back?

What if you could experience all this in one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial cities on the globe?

THNK School for Creative Leadership offers an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to launch their business in the Netherlands. Individuals who complete the THNK Creative Leadership Program will meet the majority of eligibility conditions for a Dutch ‘start-up visa’ that would allow them to incubate their project in the vibrant entrepreneur-friendly city of Amsterdam. Backed by an experienced mentor like THNK, the scheme for startups gives ambitious entrepreneurs a year to launch an innovative business anywhere in the Netherlands.

In addition to project-incubation, entrepreneurs participating in the THNK Creative Leadership Program will grow their own leadership ability, learn innovation tools, and join a global network of socially minded alumni.

Pronounced “think”, founders Menno van Dijk and Bas Verhart removed the letter “i” from the organization’s name to reflect their philosophy that today’s challenges must be solved collectively, and not by individuals alone. This collective mentality is evident in THNK’s mission, which is twofold: to accelerate the development of creative leaders from all over the world across corporate, private, social, and public sectors. In working with those leaders, they aspire to create innovative solutions for the world’s most pressing challenges.

Founded in Amsterdam in 2010, THNK is a creative leadership school that has been dubbed by Stanford University as “the future of higher education”. With a focus on innovation excellence and business model design, the THNK Creative Leadership Program brings together a diverse group of leaders who learn by working on big societal challenges and also by accelerating an innovation project of their own.

IMG_3953 (2)THNK is fundamentally different from any school you’ve seen before. With no lectures, tests, or formal grading system, the focus is instead on experiential learning devoted to the application of creativity and innovation for positive change at scale.

What does it mean to learn to be a creative leader? THNK partner Mark Vernooij and faculty member Robert Wolfe pair up to share their take: “Creative leadership is the ability to create and realize innovative solutions especially in the face of structurally complex or changing situations. It refers to those people who, when all is shifting and new approaches are yet unknown, can still create clarity of purpose for their teams.” Creative leaders are invaluable in unpredictable situations when there is no clear right and wrong and can tackle problems that have no clear-cut solution.

If you’re a maverick seeking to develop your global network, start-up, and leadership style all in one life-changing program, THNK may be the place for you.