Home61, Real Estate Platform gets Funded by Founders Fund


(image source: AngelList)

Miami based real estate platform, Home61 got funded by Founders Fund, startup officially declared $4 million round. The round was led by Founders Fund Angel, kind of early-stage investment project from Founders Fund. It also included Olivier’s brother Fabrice Grinda, Angel Investor and a Serial Entrepreneur.

We see the opportunity in the local market, but implementation and execution make it perfect. The current real estate market is enormous and also a full competition with a long list of companies already there like, Zillow, Redfin, Compass, etc. But the company says that it has a different business model than other company, and it differentiates from competitors.


(image source: Funderbeem)

They have automated the process and made it very easy to use. They have paid brokers and agents with lucrative offers. They start giving they $70,000 from second year and $120,000 for the third year. This helps their agents to take care of business for them. They cater to “other 80%” category and help them Rent and Buy on their platform.

They have completed around 1,000 transactions in Miami, and they are planning to expand in other cities like Chicago or Huston or New York. Olivier Grinda Founder & CEO said Home61 would create a better experience for our customers and attack the market on a hyperlocal level.