DesignBold : Create Your Own Professional Designs and More

designboldWith an aim to change how the traditional design industry works, DesignBold was created to make the process of making new design products faster by 6-7 times.

This is done by providing :

1. a free, simple and easy-to-use web-based graphic design tool that allows you to create designs without the need for any technical knowledge

2. a unique creativity platform connecting customers, designers and printers to cooperate and earn residual income.

DesignBold is loaded with over 4500 easy-to-use customizable templates and +60m stock photos and functionalities that empower anyone to create a variety of engaging content that gets shared. There are 50+ design categories that users can create including social media ads, presentations, banners, posters, invitations and so many more. We offer three flexible membership plans: Free, Pro and Team, providing flexible choices for users to use as they wish.

DesignBold was built with advanced server-side rendering technology. This helps users to use DesignBold at ease as the pages load much faster. The drag-and-drop feature of DesignBold enables users to see what’s going on and its results instantly. Whether it is copying, moving or editing their photos or templates, users can always see the result right away, and of course, no need for advanced understanding of layout, layers, color, patterns and texture.

It all started when Hung Dinh, CEO of DesignBold, took a one-month entrepreneurship course in Israel and was asked by his mentor to come up with a startup idea. Having had his own idea about a design template platform, Hung put forward the idea of DesignBold and received many positive comments from his mentor as well as other people in the course. After that he went back to Vietnam and started to develop the idea and make it come true. DesignBold was officially launched on 25/10/2016 after over a year’s blood, sweat and tears of all people from the DesignBold team.

designbold-ceoHung Dinh, CEO&Founder of DesignBold

Unlike other startups in Vietnam which aim to have an impact mainly in the local market, DesignBold determines to improve its tool and platform for the demand of the global market. As Hung advised startup developers: “In this globalization area, don’t just “start local” or “go global”, but “start global” with your startups.” Hung believes that in order to produce an exceptional product which has a big influence on the customers, we need to think big with specific targets and strategies which would act as the goals for us to obtain.

Hung also emphasized the importance of improving product quality in order to succeed as a startup. Customers would only come and continue to do so if you offer them a high-quality product which satisfies their wants focusing on the product quality would ensure the long-term sustainable development of the startup.

So-far achievement

With this vision of our CEO, DesignBold has obtained outstanding achievements within two weeks from its launch:

1. 35,674 subscribers with 40,106 designs created

2. 3394 customers paying for Pro accounts worth over $130k

3. Best Startup Deal on AppSumo 2016 and Top 10 Best-seller Deals Ever on AppSumo and other impressive attainments.

What is more, DesignBold is also the National Winner of Creative Business Cup Vietnam 2016, becoming the representative of Vietnam to participate in the Creative Business Cup 2016 in Denmark.

designbold-awardDesignBold was granted the first prize at Creative Business Cup Vietnam 2016

One of the reasons why people choose DesignBold is because it’s an easy and quick way to design even for amateur users. None of the specific technical skills are required and within a short time getting used to the tool, everyone can create their own outstanding designs.

In addition, DesignBold offers high-resolution download with global quality.  Whether it is a standee or poster you can always use our tool to have your designs with the best quality.

designbold-interfaceDesignBold design tool interface

What’s more, you can save your work directly to Dropbox so you can back up your design and come back any time on any device that you like. So no rushing to get a design anymore.

And if you don’t have enough time to come up with a thorough and detailed design, our templates and stock photos are always ready for you to use and customize. With creative and innovative yet simple and modern design materials, designing becomes much fun and easier.

You can also upload your own content and edit it on DesignBold so that your design is originally created with unlimited imagination.

After having your satisfied design, you can share your design on Facebook, Twitter or even allow people to see through unique links to DesignBold. With our broad network, everyone can easily see and admire your creative design.

Challenges and Opportunities await

However, behind these glittering successes, we have to face many challenges. The biggest of which would be how to make DesignBold stand out from Canva, another design tool. While both offers online design tools, DesignBold also provides a collaborative platform connecting customers, marketers and designers over the world. The team believes to offer the best product is way more important than to be the first one to offer such a product, therefore it is focusing on developing the tools with more useful and excellent features. The copyright of stock photos and templates is also another obstacle for DesignBold to succeed which we have to tackle with caution.

Nevertheless, there are many potential opportunities for the startup to explore and utilize. The current global demand for convenient and easy-to-use design tools means that there are many potential customers for DesignBold. This acts as the incentive for the startup to come up with new ideas and improve its features for future improvement. DesignBold can also develop more features, for example customized fonts or 3D graphic design, to help users have the best experiences designing as well as enjoy themselves at the same time. Additionally, DesignBold can cooperate with other websites, apps or startups such as WordPress or Medium. Lack of cooperation nowadays would have an adverse effect on the development of the startup, hindering the achievements of sustainable and greater successes.