Crello – A New Age Graphic Design Tool with 10,000 Free Templates

Depositphotos Launches Crello – Complete Free Designing Tool

All of us wanted a free designing tool for our day to day processes, take it social media posts, blogging graphics, or any other banner or poster. There are a lot of people buying these kinds of designs on big marketplaces or websites, but the main pain point for an Amateur Designer or who is starting off. But don’t worry, we have found one totally free of cost designing tool for you – Crello!


What is it?

Crello is created by Depositphotos, that gives freedom to anyone who is looking for free designing tools. The UI is very simple and easy to use. You can use stock photos, templates, and designs for free but there are certain features that you have to pay and that is only $ 0.99. It has more than 10,000+ high quality free and ready to use templates. You just have to create your account on the website and you are all set to use it for free.


Dimensions for each and every social media is there so you don’t have to worry about the sizes for each social media platform. All you have to do is select your purpose and it will automatically setup the canvas size. If you want anything custom then you can set the dimensions for your design and get going.

One of the great features is that you can upload your own fonts, your own images, apply filters, use font styles and other designing tools. This is the great feature because no other tool allows us to upload our own fonts so that we could give it own feelings.

Variety of design is very vast in Crello, there are more than 6000 templates and 10,000 different designing elements and 60 million HD photos. You can think of the variation on your own just looking at the huge collection. You can edit the photos and apply filters and effects as you want. If you don’t know how to use Photoshop, then this is the best thing you will ever have.

One more great feature provided by Crello is multiple licenses. You don’t have to worry about single license and multiple license because it comes with multiple licenses, from the day you signup, like other app or tools.

Crello Vs Canva

  • Licenses:

Crello is free to use the designing tool but it has some in-app or in-web purchase and that is only for $ 0.99.

Canva has a monthly subscription plan providing first-month free usage to its “Canva for Work”.

  • Download Types:

You can Download all file formats for an image from Crello, whereas Canva only provides PDF at 300 DPI, JPG and PNG (with background) at 96 DPI for free.

  • Fonts:

You can upload your own form in Crello whereas Canva would allow certain fonts only (25 custom fonts for Paid members).

  • Designing Layout:

Crello and Canva have an almost same Designing layout and editing tools and they both provide similar functionality.

  • Database:

Crello has around 60 million of stock photos, 10,000+ designing elements, and more than 6,000 templates.

Canva has 1.5 million stock photos and more than 8,000 templates.

  • Storage:

Crello provides unlimited storage space while Canva provides only 1 GB to free users.


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