Coco Color – the world’s first coloring stylus


Coco Color is  the world’s first coloring stylus. It is designed to be so simple to use. You don't need any technical knowledge to use Coco Color. You just have to love coloring and doodling. It comes with 768 different Color/Style/Size stroke combinations. It works on iOS7+ & Android 4.0.3+ devices. You don’t need to spend any time pairing it with your device. You can just pick it up and press the buttons to color & doodle. The colors, stroke styles and stroke sizes that you choose on the stylus, are what you use on the Apps that come with it.

Hugh Bell is a serial entrepreneur. He owned 2 software design companies during the London dotcom boom in the 90’s, developing software for BBC, and launched a voting Platform Peoples-Poll. In 2004, Hugh condensed his life into 3 suitcases and moved to Hong Kong to manufacture and market Laserpod. Wired magazine called it the Lava Lamp of the 21st Century

In late 2014 Hugh met up with Brian Mac Dougall a Canadian Hedge Fund veteran, also living in Hong Kong. Brian liked Coco Color so much he made the angel investment into Coco Color himself. As a parent, Brian instantly saw the benefits of Coco Color to everyone who loves to color and doodle.

hughdad_coco2A few years ago, Hugh Bell returned from a trade show with 3 capacitive styli for his 3 kids (now 10, 8 & 5). They were purple, blue and pink. His youngest daughter Coco said her pink stylus didn’t work. What she meant was it didn’t color pink on her iPad. So he set about creating and manufacturing a coloring stylus that works. It’s called Coco Color after his daughter.

Coco Color is also an App developer. In order for Coco Color to work on Apps, it was developed an SDK so Apps can recognize the stylus and enable it to work as designed.

The Coco Color Voyages App, is different from all the other Coloring Apps, because it allows Older minds (us) and Younger minds (kids) to color the same content at the same time at different levels of design details. Younger minds (teens & school kids ) offer less details to color and Older minds (parents & adults) offers much more coloring details

You start-in by choosing your Voyage Buddy Coco – as a Younger or Older mind. You then color Coco as you wish and you tell Coco your Voyager name. Then you both blast off into Outer Space to begin your 1st Coloring Voyage of 12.

The complete Coloring Odyssey takes you from Outer Space to the Solar System, down through the Sky, into the Cities, out to the Farms, onto, Enchanted, Forests, visiting the Jungle, and the Savannah, before sailing On the Seas, diving Under the Seas, and digging Under the Earth.

Coco is always on-hand as you are coloring each Voyage and she offers Fun Facts about each Voyage “Since we live in the Milky-Way, are we Aliens too?” . Just Call get her attention by pressing her Wings on the App.

Every Voyage is also a Coloring Jigsaw Puzzle. Each Voyage is broken down into 9 Voyage Maps. The App Map Button allows Voyagers to see the borders of each Map that they have already colored, so they can join up each Map with the same colors – if they want to.

As you complete each Voyage Map, Coco joins you to bring you through to the next Map in your Voyage in an animated jump.

Every Voyage Map has hidden rewards that Voyagers find, as they complete the coloring of these features. The rewards are Bursts of Stars, and different animated effects.

Coco Color Voyages created a new Zen Coloring feature called “Ooze”. If you hold the stylus still on the screen, the screen shapes fill with color in a slow and captivating manner. It’s really relaxing! This is especially fun on Coco Color Doodle App and can help turn any budding artist into a modern abstract pop artist.

Since both parents & children can color the same content at their own appropriate level of details, it means they are truly communicating together through the medium. For once, the screen-time is shared together holistically and not merely acting as a babysitter in an electronic world of connected isolation.

Coco Color has just done a soft  launch with it’s 1st  Early Bird discounted offer via their website – including free worldwide shipping; No sales tax; for US$29.99. 

Coco Color secured angel and seed funding totaling US$500K. This has enabled us to bring the product to market. They are presently doing another money raise for marketing support to our future retail sales.

In this project the most challenging aspect is the PR & brand awareness at the launch. Like most new startups, nobody knows us. Like most startups, we are faced with a cliff to climb, when it comes to getting tier 1 media coverage they are not Apple, They are not Elon Musk, they are not Rovio.  They are nobody, from nowhere land, with nothing. Getting coverage on this basis is the most challenging.

Coco Color’s marketing strategy involves 3 routes:

  1. Direct to Consumer Early Bird Discounted Offer via This allows us to connect directly with our consumers, get their feedback and develop the product as necessary to satisfy consumer requirements. After all who better to tell you how to tweak your product than the people using it. For this relationship, we offer them an effective 25% discount.
  2. Traditional retail distribution, working with retail smaller distribution companies who can penetrate deep into the market with our product and look after our brand to enable both parties to grow together. For these relationships we offer exclusivity within their country or territory, with market support planned to maximize annual retail sales.
  3. On-going publicity and public relations, by offering Coco Color for reviews by journalists, educators and people who want to share our story though their love of coloring & doodling.

Short  terms goals include global retail distribution for the Coco Color Stylus. We are currently working with distributors to launch in USA and UK retail stores & also on Amazon.. Medium term goals include licensing deals with franchise owners and publishers. We can create character based Coco Color, and coloring Apps for legions of followers.

Longer term we will make our SDK freely available to other App owners, so that Coco Color can work with other Apps too. In this scenario, we would work with App owners to integrate our SDK & market Coco Color to their consumer base. We would then drop ship, and pay a commission on each Coco Color sold.