Caternow | A New Corporate Event & Party Catering Startup from Australia

caternowCaternow is an Australian startup and works like Airbnb for caterers. The unique selling proposition of the company is “Catering made simple…” in other word finding a right caterer for your event or party with ease.

Caternow provides a platform/marketplace, where people can search based on their postcodes /suburb name and get a list of caterers serving their locality. One you like the menu, all you have to do is order it online and let us take of the rest. At the same time, they also help food vendors by getting them more order without spending on marketing. To make caterers life easy we have launched mobile app on Android and iOS so that they can manage their orders easily.

Caternow helps people find hand curated best local caterers for their corporate functions, parties or events. Caternow’s mission is to bring exceptional catering from local caterers, restaurants, cafes, food- trucks and chefs to your home, office and function or wedding venue. With the streamlined search tool on their website. Caternow was founded / launched by Divyesh Amipara in May 2016.


Co-founders of Caternow: Divyesh Amipara (left) and Murray Raeburn (right)

Divyesh’s strength includes startup development, startup marketing, bootstrapping and business development. He has experience in marketing and business development consultant with a technology background. With more than 10 years of industry experience, he has started, developed and sold one startup Snippick achieving $350,000 revenue in 2 years. Currently working on another startup named Caternow to make catering simple for corporate and household customers.

Diveyesh is also a great listener and has ability to understand customers requirements and provide a suitable solution the problems, adding real value to your business. For him, success is always about creating a value proposition for customers and vendors. He has sound knowledge of the double-sided marketplace, ecommerce, technology and can help you to achieve your goals and grow your business.

Later Murray Raeburn, joined as a co-founder and Sales & Marketing Director in Nov. 2016. Murray is an experienced creative and commercial marketer with over 12 years’ experience gained in a breadth of roles across Brand Management, Insights and Sales.

caternow-1He is passionate about leading high performing teams, managing complex portfolios, developing market changing innovation and creating effective marketing communications that inspire consumers and customers.

It all started when founder Divyesh and his wife Trupti were looking for a vegetarian caterer in Ivanhoe, Australia for their daughter’s birthday party. They simply couldn’t find one. They were at a loss as to what to do. In the end, they gave up and ended up cooking the food for the event themselves. They suddenly realised that if they were unable to locate a suitable caterer, then other people must be able to as well. And this is how a Caternow was born.

Caternow allows users to search for appropriate caterers in their area which will make party and event planning an easier process, one that will now be faster. Founder Divyesh says, “there is a gap in the market, and we want to provide a simple way to for people to find caterers and order catering online.”

“When I started “Caternow”, I thought I would be able to run a business flying solo but I was wrong so had to search for a co-founder by giving up some equity, and that was a good decision”, says Divyesh.

Caternow has grown from 0 caterers to more than 35 caterers in last six months. They have also added few paying customers especially corporate clients and residential customers. Caternow’s website gets more than 6700 page views every month, since last six months and more than 800 visitors to the website.

Caternow is a bootstrapped startup, It is self-funded and bootstrapped at this stage. The platform is ready to grow; all the hard work has been done now it is ready to scale to we looking for a seed funding

Initially, the company had to face challenges in convincing caterers to join Caternow as a partners and they had to meet each and every caterer at the beginning however since they started joining others followed as well, and now they have more than 35 caterers on board, and we are growing Australia wide.

The event catering industry in Australia is approximately AU $530+ million and growing at the rate of 3.2%, so there is an opportunity to provide a single platform where everyone can find local caterers and order catering online. Like food delivery, catering industry hasn’t seen much innovation, so Caternow wants to act as a disruptor in the catering industry and provide a solution to the problem of finding a quality caterer.

For the Future Caternow plans to expand their services to every major city in Australia, and once they conquer Australia, they have plans to start their operations in New Zealand.

To all aspiring startup entrepreneurs, Divyesh says that “Focus Focus and Focus on your idea and don’t let any other noise divert your focus from your startup”.


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